Akishi Ueda

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Websiteakishiueda.comMediumsLiquitex gel medium
Light modeling paste
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About the artist

Akishi Ueda was born in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture in Japan. Since he was a child, Akishi has been strongly influenced by art, music, movies, and “J-Pop Surrealism” which has a Japanese flavour and focuses on the attributes of Pop Surrealism. Akishi uses various styles and motifs in his sculptural work, from cute to strange giant creatures.

His main exhibition activity was previously largely focused in Japan, until 2019 when Akishi won the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Sculpture Award. Since then his activities in the English-speaking world have began in earnest.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Akishi Ueda’s works tell unique stories, evoking strong feelings of sadness, nostalgia, curiosity and longing.


Akishi Ueda’s sculptures have been published in notable magazines and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and COSMOS.

Upcoming Exhibitions

September 2023Solo exhibition: “10th Anniversary”How House
Tokyo, Japan
November 2023Group exhibition: “Taro Okamoto Art Dreams Exhibition”
Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Forest
Shiga, Japan



2014 Art Creator, Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya, Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Longing, Beijing Bookstore, Beijing, China


Island, Sanseido Bookstore, Tokyo, Japan

Native Children, How House, Tokyo, Japan

2019 Pray, Manas Art Museum, Beijing, China

2018 Wind festival, Spike Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions


Retro Pop Monsters, Tokyo Hands Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

GOLEM, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

2020 JYUNINTEN, Nagoya Dome Yada Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

2018 Phantom Myths Exhibition Ⅶ, Tokyo Traffic Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Akishi Ueda - Sculpture - 11
Akishi Ueda - Sculpture - 2
Akishi Ueda - Sculpture - 1
Akishi Ueda - Sculpture - 13

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