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Dark world
Hero’s journey

About the artist

Born and raised in Poland, Dawid Planeta was always surrounded by art – his father is a photographer and his mother an art teacher. He studied industrial design at Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts, but found it less than inspirational. His passions lay instead with art and photography, but also psychology, mythology, symbolism and the mysterious world of the subconscious.

Dawid deploys digital techniques to create moody, introspective works that are simultaneously strangely familiar and disturbingly fascinating. “Art is about going to the edge of consciousness”, he says, “where the basic layer of reality starts fading away to reveal an entirely different world beneath. It’s a place of memories that are yet to happen, where the future and the past are one. My art is a window that can help you to reconnect with deep parts of your mind, parts you often ignore.”

Dawid’s best-known works come from the series of grayscale images entitled Mini People. They explore the artist’s personal experience with depression, visualising the mental journey through dark times. “It’s the story of a man descending into darkness and chaos to face the parts of his mind he’s been neglecting for so long,” Dawid explains.

A small figure features repeatedly in this poignant series, perhaps representing Dawid himself. He is pictured wandering through a fog-filled labyrinth, bravely facing the ominous jungle animals with fiercely glowing eyes shining through the darkness. They seem to be guiding him through the deep jungle, “to find his inner strength, to find the light and come back with it.”

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Dawid Planeta’s art is a constant search for a language allow him to catch the content of the subconscious in a form that can be transferred to consciousness with as little distortion as possible during that process. 

Visual language allows Dawid to partially bypass the thinking mind which is primarily based on verbal language, and get closer to a more direct experience of the world within. 

The mind has a default function of quantizing and limiting all the information that passes through it – it helps us not to get lost in the huge amount of information, but also limits us to a great extent by deciding for us which information is relevant and which can be rejected.

Art can be a way to maintain a connection with deeper layers of a psyche which, although less noticeable, has much greater impact on who we are than the conscious mind. 

Art helps Dawid find balance in life by reconnecting with vital parts of himself that he often forgets about.


Dawid Planeta’s works have been published in notable magazines and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Hundred Best Selected, and, Monochromes 2019



2010 – 2014 Academy Of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland – faculty of Industrial Design

Solo Exhibitions

2020 The Unknown, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seatle, DC. United States

2018 The Unknown, Lunapark Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Selected Group Exhibitions


Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pan Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018 Stroke Art Fair, Munich

Dawid Planeta - Figurative Digital - 8
Dawid Planeta - Figurative Digital - 4
Dawid Planeta - Bull Digital - 3
Dawid Planeta - Rhino Digital

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