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Dark nostalgia
Memento mori
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About the artist

Ransom & Mitchell is a still + motion creative team in San Francisco featuring the combined talents of director – photographer Jason Mitchell and set designer – digital artist Stacey Ransom Together we create highly detailed and visually lush photographic and digital art scenarios and portraits. Their work is narrative in nature and draws upon the darker undercurrent that exists within all aspects of society.

Their process is a combination of cinematic lighting, theatrically designed sets, hand-crafted custom props, and CG, which is digitally composited and painted with an illustrative approach inspired by the Italian and Dutch Master painters. They aim to blur the lines between photography, digital art, and classical painting to create worlds that cannot exist (and quite possibly shouldn’t). Take a deep dive into our process at Two Dark.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Ransom & Mitchell’s work is inspired by in-between, liminal spaces, particularly within the peculiar, macabre, and misunderstood. We most often explore the intersection of love and death, longing, and impermanence.


Ransom & Mitchell’s artwork has been published in notable magazines and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Juxtapoz, Hey!, Lens, Digital Photo Pro

Upcoming Exhibitions

March 2023Group exhibition: “Beyond and the Horizon”Modern Eden Gallery
San Francisco, CA. United States



Stacey: BFA Photography, Columbus College of Art and Design

Jason: BA Cinema, San Francisco State University

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Love, Death, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA. United States

2018 Ghost Town, Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions


Ewardian Ball, Art Fair, San Francisco, CA. United States

Superfine Art Fair, Art Fair, San Francisco, CA. United States

2019 Beyond Eden, DesignerCon with Modern Eden Gallery, Anaheim, CA. United States

Ransom and Mitchell - Figurative Digital - 2
Ransom and Mitchell - Figurative Painting - 5
Ransom and Mitchell - Figurative Painting - 11

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