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Graphite Powder
Pan Pastels
Haven Gallery
Northport, NY. USA
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About the artist

Jeff Echevarria is an artist and designer based out of New Jersey. He works traditionally, his primary medium being charcoal, graphite powder, and panpastels. He attended Spectrum Institute For The Advertising Arts as an Advertising Major and studied under Carl Lundgren in a Comprehensive Illustration Course many lifetimes ago.

“After surviving a near-fatal car accident in 2011, which left me paralyzed from the neck down for the better part of three months, I wasn’t expected to ever walk again, let alone draw. I had to learn how to do everything over again; I mean everything. I saw everything in a brand-new light, from realizing how short and fragile life is to how essential it is to be grateful for every day we have on this earth and to pay our blessings forward.” Jeff’s recovery has been, to say the least, miraculous.

He was honored to be selected for Infected by Art Book – Volumes 3 through 11. Jeff’s pieces TEARS OF LUCIFER (vol. 5), including THE LOTTERY (vol. 7), INARA’S WATCH (vol. 9), and UMA AND THE VIPER DRAGON (vol.10), won Bronze in the Pen/Ink/Pencil category.

 In 2020 “INARA’S WATCH” was a finalist in the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine “INPRNT Traditional Art Award.” Also, Jeff was Nominated for a CHESLEY AWARD by The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists for his piece “DOCTOR MY EYES.” 

Also, in 2020, Jeff was humbled and blessed that his illustration BEAUTY AMONG THE BEASTS was selected to be a part of the “ENCHANTED, A History of Fantasy Illustration.” show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. 

In 2021 Jeff was blown away when he was commissioned to illustrate a special collectors edition of the classic book “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton by Suntup Editions. Jeff is working on illustrations for Centipede Press and an independent author Caitriona Drexler.

 Currently, Jeff works from his home studio. Now, he is working on various commissions, gallery pieces, and specific work targeted for different conventions and shows.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Jeff Echevarria’s themes and subject matter vary from time to time depending on what group shows he enters or what’s happening around him, his mood, or what inspires him at any given moment. Jeff’s passion is Fantasy; he’s a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd, so that’s much of his work. Jeff also loves spiritual pieces, and wildlife always moves him. Jeff also does a lot of portrait commissions. However, Jeff’s main goal, no matter the subject, is to move the viewer emotionally; it’s essential to him as an artist or a storyteller.


Jeff Echevarria’s works have been published in notable magazines and books including Dragon Magazine, Game of Thrones Compendium, special edition of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Illustration by Jesse Kowalski.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Illuxcon-Main showcase”Goggle Works
Reading, PA. USA
Solo exhibition: “Welcome to my world”Haven Gallery
Long Island, NY. USA



1983 Spectrum Institute for the Advertising, Advertising Major New Jersey, United States

1984 Comprehensive Illustration, Carl Lundgren Instructor , New Jersey, United States

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Faith Through the Arts, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Nazareth, PA. United States


Trust Your Journey, Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY. United States

Faith Through the Arts, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Nazareth, PA. United States

2018 The Vision of Music, Rock Creek Tavern, Philipsburg, NJ. United States

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Hans Christian Andersen, Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY. United States


Lewis Carroll, Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY. United States

Illuxcon, Goggle Works, Reading, PA. United States

2020 Illuxcon, Goggle Works, Online Show


Luna II, Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY. United States

Elements, Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY. United States


Illuxcon, Goggle Works, Reading, PA. United States

Music Box, Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY. United States

Jeff Echavarria - Figurative Drawing - 2
Jeff Echavarria - Figurative Drawing - 11
Jeff Echavarria - Figurative Drawing - 9
Jeff Echavarria - Figurative Drawing - 12

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