ArtistLindsey CarrResidesUnited Kingdom
KochxBos Gallery
Amsterdam, Netherlands
ThemesGenerative Art
Dutch Still Lives
Natural History
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About the artist

Lindsey Carr has two distinct practices as an artist, one as an oil painter and one as a watercolorist. The references for her oil pieces are programmatic experiments using data collected from historical art sources. This part of Lindsey’s work is focused on exploring the interplay of rules – how one set of rules interacts with another and how complex behavior arises from simple directives. Her work as a watercolorist is primarily decorative and/or satirical.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Lindsey Carr uses oils in her subject matter is primarily historical still lives featuring tulips, roses, poppies and synthetic versions of these flowers. In watercolors her work concentrates on natural history and decorative motifs.


Lindsey Carr’S paintings have been published in notable magazines and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Collaboration exhibition:
“New Watercolours”
Antler Gallery
Portland, OR. USA
Solo exhibition: “New Oils”Roq La Rue
Seattle, WA. USA


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Historical Fiction, KochXBos, Amsterdam, Holland

2021 Vile Creatures, KochXBos, Amsterdam, Holland

2020 Degenerates, Talon Gallery, Portland, OR. United States


New Works on Paper, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR. United States

Oil and Water, Roq La Rue, Seattle, WA. Unites States

2018 New Oils, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR. United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Halcyon Days, Curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Modern Eden, San Francisco, CA. United States

Uffzi Exhibition, Haven Gallery, New York, NY. United States


Unnatural Histories, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR. United States

Animalia, Curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, New York, NY. United States

Wide Awake, KochXBos, Amsterdam, Holland

Lindsey Carr - Figurative Painting - 1
Lindsey Carr - Monkey Painting
Lindsey Carr - Flower Painting - 9
Lindsey Carr - Tiger Painting - 1

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