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About the artist

Trained in architecture at the Mexico National Autonomous University, where he graduated in 2004, Eduardo Landa pursues his training for one year at the University of Minnesota in the U.S.A. In addition to his architectural background.

He is currently based in Germany, Eduardo’s work as a multi-disciplinary artist encompasses various complementary practices. His artistic approach is primarily centered around capturing his subjects in relation to the impact they have on the artist’s interpretation, whether it’s through their pose or gaze, and the resulting influence on the viewer. Utilizing f light and his eye behind the camera lens, Eduardo skillfully adjusts his framing to convey his intended statement, omitting any superfluous elements. He applies a similar methodology to his painting, using oil to highlight the faces of his subjects, whose materiality and presence radiate throughout the composition. To gain objectivity in his creative process, Eduardo prefers to work on his pieces for as long as it takes, taking a step back to ensure careful execution.

In his paintings, Eduardo Landa pays meticulous attention to anatomy and physical details that represent the unique individuality of each human being, seeking to identify and capture what sets them apart from others.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Eduardo Landa’s work revolves around capturing the human form and character. Understanding his subject is the foundation of his process. He believes that every individual has a unique vibe that they exude in their interactions with others. Eduardo strives to portray that essence through his choice of a specific color palette and brush gestures. On a different approach, he picks a concept, work closely with his subject, developing it together and incorporating their performance into the very conception of the piece. Regardless of the approach he takes and refrain from giving a title to any of my work. He wants his audience, whoever they may be, to experience his work without any literal influence from him.



Trained in architecture at the Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM).

Architecture, University of Minnesota, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 Arte Vivo, Museo Jumex, Ciudad de México, Mexico

2019 The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA. United States

Eduardo Landa - Figurative Painting - 8
Eduardo Landa - Figurative Painting - 2
Eduardo Landa - Figurative Painting - 12
Eduardo Landa - Figurative Painting - 4

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