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About the artist

Eugen Varzić graduated in painting from the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka (nowday’s Academy of Applied Arts) in 1999. He has shown his work at forty solo exhibitions and at more than a hundred collective at home and abroad. He has headed several artistic projects and worked on international visual art projects. He did further studies in art in Madrid, in the workshops of Eloy Morales and Antonio López Garcia.Occasionally he engages in design, short films, illustration and picture book making, running art workshops and tutoring future students of art academies. At the first TEDxPula conference in Istria he had a talk called Art as Breathing. A freelance artist, he lives and works in Istria, Croatia, EU.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Eugen Varzić paints life, his focus has always been in figuration, realism. Every day is a new story, a new challenge a new fight. As a motif, he tends to choose people around him. Since the early days, Eugen have been infatuated with the works of old masters and their skills and techniques. When he looks back, he realizes that maybe he focused on realism because it was the closest solution to the idea of creating something different, something that others could not or would not. It was a way to challenge himself.

Eugen did spend a short while focusing on the technique and the processes behind creating the artwork rather than the art itself. He focusses on the message, on the psychological, moral and ethical values he’d like to represent, on the internal struggles the models may carry in them. In these paintings, we get to see the process as it is, raw and unfiltered, unperfected. We get to learn a lot through one’s specific “handwriting”, which comes out during the painting process, the trail, he as a painter leaves with the brush, alongside a couple of accidents and messy strokes. 

When he started working on it and thinking about it, he realized that it would be a “take no prisoner” working principle. Eugen went to work and studied with the best in the world, made significant shifts and contacts. His sources and teachers are different from the environment in which he lives and create. The feeling was fantastic and gave me the strength for even more and better things. And most importantly – it gave me the feeling that anything is possible.

Eugen want to do something that is rarely done in art. Something that leaves the observer outside their comfort zone when standing in front of his art and makes them ask if what they’re experiencing is in fact possible. This is where he tries to survive and create. This idea is what keeps him going, although he has to admit, it is not easy. Almost every day he asks himself numerous questions, to which there is the only one answer: creation. This everyday ritual gives him a reason to live. A ritual of constant learning, changing, choosing the toughest path, constantly asking questions, with a clear head and faith.

For him painting is like a breathing. His paintings are like painted diaries telling him when he was happy, when he was afraid, when he was painting hypnotically … when he was hungry. When he succeeds, he will be happy, not only for himself, but because he shown those who believed that he would, and to those who doubted he can’t.


Eugen Varzić’s works has been featured in notable magazine and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Modportrait, and Giua Leonardo.

Upcoming Exhibitions

WhenExhibition Gallery
Solo exhibition: “It will be all OK again”Galeria Hermana
Pula, Croatia
Solo exhibition: “Labyrinth Mother”Gallery 5 Towers
Motown, Croatia



2016 – 2018 Numerous workshops in Madrid, Spain

1999 Graduated in painting from the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka 

Selected Solo Exhibitions

The End, Labin City Gallery, Labin, Croatia

All your paintings are OK, Museum of modern art Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ludus, City Museum, Pakrac, Croatia

Ludus, Gallery 5 towers, Motovun, Croatia

Ludus, GUGSB, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Ludus, St. Krševan Gallery, Šibenik, Croatia

Ludus, Laval Nugent Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

Summoning, Gallery Bruketa 2, Rijeka, Croatia

Summoning, Museum of Lošinj, Fritzi Gallery, Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Summoning, Marktgemeindeamt, St.Mihael bei Bleiburg, Austria

Selected Group Exhibitions


1st Portrait Triennale, Knin museum, Knin, Croatia

Fiction and fraction, Art academy, Art Zagreb, Croatia


Mod Portrait 2021, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

Mod Portrait 2021, Sala Bantierra de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain


18th Painting Triennale – Blue Salon, Zadar National Museum, Zadar, Croatia

Algo que mas realismo, Sala artistica Aragonesa, Zaragoza, Spain

Leave a trail, Zvonimir Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

Private and public, XVI international exhibition, Tromeđa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Light, Fonticus Gallery, Grožnjan, Croatia

Art Zagreb, Technical Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

Svjetlost, Charlama, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

8. Croatian Watercolor Triennale, Art Gallery of the city of Slavonski Brod, Croatia

8. Croatian Watercolor Triennale, Karlovac City Museum, Croatia

8. Croatian Watercolor Triennale, Mimara Museum, Zagreb, Croatia


4th painting biennial, Varaždin City Museum, Varaždni , Croatia

4th Biennale of Painting, Dom HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

4th triennial of self-portraits, Gallery Prica, Samobor, Croatia

Home without borders, The Workshop of Dubai/Ayala, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Eugen Varzic - Figurative Painting - 15
Eugen Varzic - Figurative Painting - 10
Eugen Varzic - Figurtaive Painting - 13
Eugen Varzic - Figurative Painting - 6

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