ArtistRob DomenechResidesUnited States
MediumsDigital Photography
Photo Manipulation
Digital Art
Skeletal and Anatomical figures,
Dark art
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About the artist

Rob Domenech is a self-taught photographer and digital artist residing in Dallas, Texas. His work is heavily symbolic and effortlessly combines the dark and the beautiful to create a blissful uneasiness in the viewer. “I love telling stories with my imagery…”, Rob says, “…and I enjoy the subtlety that makes the viewer have to lean in to really understand the tales being told. I like to think that my work doesn’t scream; it whispers. In a sense, I want to invoke the same feeling we get when we look in the mirror and dare to see beyond our simple reflections.”

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Rob Domenech’s work attempts to capture a variety of themes, from the empowerment of self-discovery to the danger of losing oneself in the pursuit of artificial beauty. 


Rob Domenech’s work has been published in various online sources as well as notable magazines such as Dark Beauty Magazine, Dark Beauty X (1.17), and Voyage.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 37th Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition, Irving Art Association, Irving, TX. United States

2017 Thin Line, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, Denton, TX. United States

Rob Domenech - Figurative Digital Art - 1
Rob Domenech - Figurative Digital Art - 2
Rob Domenech - Figurative Digital Art - 4
Rob Domenech - Figurative Digital Art - 3

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