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About the artist

Sasha Krautman is a young emerging artist based in Sydney. She started her education at an art school and then continued to the university, where she added design and architecture to her degree. Currently, she maintains a traditional art practice while also running a 3D visualisation studio.

The first half of her twenties Sasha spent travelling in South East Asia and Europe. Varied experiences and people she met on the way deeply nurtured her artistic vision. Starting with portraits, her work progressed into creating original figurative and abstract pieces. She found her medium in colored pencils and developed her distinctive style of “painting”.

Before moving to Australia, she was an active member of a creative community in Bali, where she exhibited her artworks at various events.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Sasha’s work combines figurative storytelling as well as abstract natural patterns. It explores how people navigate aspects of modern life, reflecting on fake spirituality, fast-paced internet movements, overstimulation and high anxiety levels. With her paintings, she tries to portray strong emotions and bring them to a balanced introspective space using textures, colors and shapes. Her intention is to help people find that respectful and reflective space, where necessary time is given to processing. She embraces balance, slowing down, giving oneself space to remember what’s really important.

Sasha’s style is partially influenced by her interior design background. Natural patterns, textures, and colors remind us of our origins—earth, forests, and rivers—touches of nature that are often lacking in our daily lives today. She paints various materials such as wood, marble, stones.

Sasha’s main medium is colored pencils, and she frames her canvases with leather, intending the artworks to appear visually tactile and bring the viewer from their mind into their body.

One of her friends once said, “When I look at it [the artwork] I want to hug… myself.” In Sasha’s opinion, it perfectly describes her work and intention behind it.



2017 Design of architectural and interior spaces, Bachelor, Saint Petersburg State University of Polymer Technologies and Design, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012 Complete course on traditional art mediums, Sviridov Art School, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 The Flow, Bali, Indonesia

2021 The Flow, Bali, Indonesia

Sasha krautman - Figurative Drawing - 4
Sasha Krautman - Still life Drawing - 22
Sasha Krautman - Still life Drawing - 23
Sasha Krautman - Figurative Drawing - 20

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