ArtistTroy BrooksResidesCanada
Coloured pencil
Corey Helford Gallery
Los Angeles, CA, USA
ThemesFemme Fatale
Film Noir
Pop Surrealism
Animal Familiars
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About the artist

Troy Brooks has been drawing women since he was two years old. He learned how to draw from sketching vintage movie stills. Troy grew into a very young “old film buff.” That narrative style carried over into his painting and without realizing it and began incorporating my own stories into these soft focused film noir scenes with femme fatale protagonists. Ultimately, Troy’s work tends to juxtapose a soft, refined feminine visual against the brutal energies in nature. 

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

The women in Troy Brooks’ paintings are depicted in very civilized and sophisticated settings, but always in an atmosphere of tension. Often times they are caught in moments where something transformative has or is about to happen. Much of his work features women with animal familiars or wildlife symbology. Troy Brooks is interested in the contrast between a cultured etiquette and the unavoidable brutalities of nature.  


Troy Brooks’ work has been published in various publications including: Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Tattoo Life, Arabella, Miroir, Volition, Hey! Modern Art And Pop Culture, InPrint, Xtra, Creative Boom, Highbrow, Art Now L.A., The Power Of An Image by Chase Maenius.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group: “Art Collector Starter Kit”Corey Helford Gallery
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Group: “Secret Longings”
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition
Corey Helford Gallery
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Group: “Serendipity”
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition
Haven Gallery
Northport, NY, Unites States

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Divine , Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris, France

2020  Through A Glass Darkly ,  Corey Helford Gallery,  LA, USA

2018  Skinwalker ,  Corey Helford Gallery , LA, USA

2017 Shinigami, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions


Halcyon Days,  Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, USA


Small Works , Beinart Gallery, Brunswick, Australia


Ritual , Haven Gallery, Northport, NY, USA

Anniversary Show,  Corey Helford Gallery , LA, USA

GAIA Reborn, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, Germany

Hey Modern Art, Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris, France

Scope Art Show, Corey Helford Gallery, New York, USA


Ephemeral, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Anniversary Exhibition, AFA Gallery, New York, USA

Beyond The Familiar, Outré Gallery,  Melbourne, Australia


Small Works, AFA Gallery, New York, USA

Troy Brooks - Figurative Pencil - 5
Troy Brooks - Figurative Pencil - 3
Troy Brooks - Figurative Pencil - 4
Troy Brooks - Figurative Pencil - 6

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