ArtistLilith DivineResidesItaly
Influx Gallery
London, United Kingdom

Marvelous Art Gallery

London, United Kingdom
ThemesSurrealism linked to supernatural beings
Mother Nature
Mythology and Spirituality
Abused women and violence
Shamanic symbolism
Pain related to life experiences,
The devastation and abuse that man is doing to other living beings
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About the artist

Art had played a large, healing part in Lilith Divine’s life even when luck had turned its back on her. Lilith was born in 1976 in Italy and was a child whose childhood was stolen in the worst way, she was a little girl who fought against anorexia, and who always had to fend for herself. She was a young woman who fought for 13 years against an ex-husband and all his abuse, both mental and physical, but Lilith just wanted to live quietly and paint.  At 8, Lilith lost her mom, and at 9 she was raped, abused, and experienced many terrible things, while all she just wanted was to live in her woods. She started fighting the war for survival between. The best gift, given by her father who was an Italian-American decorator, were simple coloured pencils. Those pencils saved her life. Lilith had always been an extremely shy person and drawing and painting was her way of ‘talking’: her ‘safe house’ from wickedness and bad things. Every time she felt that her life was done living, Lilith Divine found a pencil and paper, and drew. When she didn’t have the money for even one colour, Lilith crushed a flower, a leaf and a brick, mixed them with water to make watercolours, and drew.

Creating something that could make another person happy gave her energy.  She understood that the gift that was given to her couldn’t die with her, but had to be cultivated. And that – she – saved her life so many times.

Lilith graduated in 2000 – 2001 at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy. Meanwhile her love for art and the predisposition for freehand drawing opened the doors to the world of tattooing. Shortly after Lilith moved to Switzerland as an apprentice. In 2007 she opened the LILITH DIVINE TATTOO SHOP and soon after started exhibiting her oil paintings in collective exhibitions. In 2017 together with her love, they opened the MADNESS CIRCUS TATTOO SHOP & CREATIVE ART LAB. It’s very hard to survive just by art, but this is her life and every day Lilith will fight to breathe her victory. She hopes that her words can help many young female artists overcome problems and much more,  to continue to hold on.

Lilith is an ambassador for the Dartecor, is a Portuguese brand, specialized in handmade colors, and this is the really important for her, she love to make her oil colors, and this brand understand me.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

When Lilith lost her mom, she grew up with the love of her dog Diana who lived in symbiosis with her and when she passed away, she realized for the first time what unconditional love was and she suffered so much. In her paintings there is this love. Love for the creatures of Nature are the main subjects of Lillith Divine’s work, along with the denunciation of the men who have done everything to destroy them.


Lillith Divine’s work has been shown in notable magazines and online sources including Artmagazineium, Art Now, Goddess Art Magazine, Top 50 artists to watch in 2023 by Marvelous Art gallery book., Tabu Magazine, Black & White, Dark Artists book by Marvelous Art gallery, Central City Ink Magazine, Skin Deep Magazine, Tattoo Italia Magazine, Inked Magazine, Black and White vol. 3,4,5 by Out Of Step books, N.14 of Marvelous Art Gallery Magazine, and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Here Falls the Shadow”Brick Lane Gallery
London, United Kindom
Group exhibition: “Unicorn Art Show 8”Artspace Jackson Flats
Minneapolis, MN. USA



2001 “History of Art” and “Painting” degrees with full marks at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts , Turin, Italy

Selected Solo Exhibition

Online Exhibition, Marvelous Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Selected Group Exhibition


Biennale d’ Arte , Asti art Gallery, Asti, Italy

Be the change, Spazio Arte Tolomeo, Milan, Italy

Extinction 2023 , Gallerium Art , Ontario, Canada (Online)

Femina 2023, Gallerium Art , Ontario, Canada (Online)


Aquars II, Museum of Art & Science, Milan, Italy

God & Monsters, Artspace Jackson Flats , Minneapolis, MN. United States

Darte week, Historical Museum MUST, Palazzo Turrisi , Fondazione Palmieri, Lecce, Italy

Biennale d’ Arte, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain (Online)

Endless Exhibition, Influx Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Small, Penumbra Art Gallery, Portugal (Online)

Lilith Divine - Cat Painting
Lilith Divine - Horse Painting
Lilith Divine - Figurative Painting - 20

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