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Ancient Humans 
Advanced Technology, Organic Abstract, 
Spirituality and Dogma, Healing, 
Protective Amulets,

About the artist

Adrian Dominic is a contemporary painter and tattooer whose work is most recognized for his organic abstract forms in dynamic lighting conditions.  This language of shapes and forms are unique to the artist and consistent in their appearance in several different media.  Adrian was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980. In 2015 Adrian Dominic was granted a Distinguished Talent visa and moved to Australia.  He now works and resides on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Adrian Dominic attempts to depict omnipresent ancient relics left by ancient ancestors from our future to help our species in its efforts towards self awareness.  He often refers to his work as biomechanical prayers, speaking a language he only knows as instinct and their translations often evade him like trying to remember a dream.

Being exposed to Chicano culture from birth and growing up in a heavily Catholic environment was a primary setting for Adrian in his childhood. Gang and criminal activity in nearby neighbourhoods was often synonymous with living in them.  As a means to escape this cycle, Adrian became engaged in graffiti art and underground rave culture in the mid 1990’s.  This post-industrial setting combined with cathartic religious dissective psychedelic experiences influenced the organic and aggressive appearance of the visual vocabulary that has become foundational in his work. 


Adrian Dominic’s works have been published in notable magazine, books and online sources including Tattoo Life Magazine, Issue #197, 2021, Tattoo Magazine  Issue # 305, 2014, E-volved Magazine, Issue #6, 2015, Tattoo Energy Magazine  Issue #84, 2013, Tattoo Society Magazine  Issue #18, 2009, Tattoo Revue Magazine  Issue #122, 2005, Biomechanical Encyclopedia, Proton Press.  2019, Tattoo Prodigies, Volume 2  Memento Publishing, 2014, Antennae of Inspiration  Out of Step Books, 2013, Tattoo Prodigies  Memento Publishing 2010, Black and Grey’s Finest  DI Publishing 2010, and Pint Sized Paintings  Out of Step Books, 2010.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Antidotes”BeinArt Gallery
Melbourne, VIC. Australia


Selected Group Exhibitions


Darklight, Honey Bones Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Adrian Dominic - Figurative Painting - 2
Adrian Dominic - Figurative Painting - 4
Adrian Dominic-Figurative Painting - 20
Adrian Dominic - Alien Painting - 1

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