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About the artist

Nathalie Tousnakhoff was born in Rennes, France. After graduating from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1991, she worked as a calligrapher for French luxury brands for ten years. After an experience in children’s books publishing and illustration, she made a trip to Tasmania during which she rediscovered engraving, fell in love with the local technique and decided to devote herself to it. As a result, she has taught it for the last 10 years in Toulouse where she is living.

Yet, recently, she has returned to her first love: oil painting. She works in the old-fashioned way (glazing on wood panels) and is inspired by the Flemish Primitives and the Italian Renaissance, as well as more recent Scandinavian painting. The influence calligraphy still has on her can also be felt in her search for a pure line. Her paintings which invite us to reconnect to our inner self and to contemplate nature in all its beauty and strangeness are a passport for calm and peacefulness.

As a full-time artist, Nathalie Tousnakhoff regularly participates in exhibitions in France and abroad. Her work can be found in private collections in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Nathalie Tousnakhoff’s paintings are clearly influenced by the hours she has spent in museums around the world looking at the works of the great masters of so-called “classical” painting as well as her deep bond with nature and the landscapes that surround us. Through atypical combinations or compositions very close to surrealism, Nathalie shows us in a subtle way that everything is connected in the universe. The female figures, flowers, sea creatures, vast landscapes along with the recurring theme of the house as a symbol of our personal space and sensitivity which coexist in her work invite us to a kind of pagan meditation.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Solo exhibition: “Courtrai Artfair”Art3F Artfair
Courtrai, Belgium
Group exhibition: “Festival Jours de lumière”Saint-Saturnin



1991 – Image Imprimée (Illustration and printing technics), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, France

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Dans les bois, Atelier Véron, Paris, France


Peintures, Ic’art Conseil Galerie, Séguret, France


Gravures, Atelier de la Main gauche, Toulouse, France

Selected Group Exhibitions


Graver le monde, (Etchings) Musée de Sonneville, Gradignan, France


Les Estampes Mobiles, (Etchings) Galerie des bains Douches, Saverdun, France

Nathalie Tousnakhoff - Figurative Painting - 17
Nathalie Tousnakhoff - Still Life Painting - 15
Nathalie Tousnakhoff - Figurative Painting - 15
Nathalie Tousnakhoff - Figurative Painting - 16

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