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About the artist

Pearl Whitecrow-Brown is a visionary creatrix living and working in the beautiful Oak hills and plains of North Eastern Oklahoma. She is a trained silversmith and a self-taught painter. She walks a path that is scientific, magical, animistic/shamanic, the path of the artist, the dreamer, the mystic, the visionary, the medicine road. She is an irreverent Joker, a fan of life, love and giving and embraces the path of the Creatrix, The Fool and The Medicine Woman. She is a Truth seeker and a Beauty chaser.

Pearl Whitecrow-Brown spends her days at her easel as her altar, channeling symbolic visions into medicine to share with the world, playing and enjoying friends, family and the turn of the seasons on a small, spiritually oriented artists commune on a farm in rural Oklahoma. She prefer to take what could be called a Shamanic perspective and a Jungian attitude and embrace the archetypes as fundamental starting points as definers for individualism and where the individual is at on The Path of Life. I consider myself to be a student of the Universe and study and find wisdom throughout many traditions across world cultures.

With Pearl’s paintings she invites us to accept and rejoice our individuality as well as our Oneness with All, to step into our God/Dess self and to honor our animal nature. To celebrate and appreciate our life path and respect the life paths of others that may be very different.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

As an artist and a medicine person, Pearl Whitecrow-Brown’s source of visual symbolisms are from many cultures, believing that we are all one and different cultures bring different wisdom to the table. She is deeply inspired by the natural world, which she not only sees as the ultimate law-giver, but as our greatest teacher. She also finds inspiration in sacred geometry, science, poetry, good stories and myths, the changing landscape of the Earth Herself and all our brothers and Sisters, be they mineral, plant, elemental, four legged, winged or two legs.

Pearl sees the human creature as part Gods/Dess and part Animal, part mind and part heart, and she believes that reconciling and honoring these parts of ourselves is essential. She rejoices in our uniquely human ability to comprehend symbolism and to imagine, she rejoice in our animal self’s ability to adapt and flow with the natural world and to live from the heart. Pearl honors the rational mind, and the feeling of the heart that connects us to Spirits.

In essence, her work is about expressing the highest potential of the macrocosm of human society in the microcosm of the individual. It is about honoring and accepting ourselves as individuals and accepting responsibility for ourselves. It is about seeking and embracing one-ness with the universe.



2002 Jewelry Design and Technology, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, United States

Pearl Whitecrow-Brown - Figurative Painting - 3
Pearl Whitecrow-Brown - 9
Pearl Whitecrow-Brown - 6
Pearl Whitecrow-Brown - 8

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