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Wow x Wow

Spokeart Gallery
San Francisco, CA. USA

Outre Gallery
Fitzroy, VIC, Australia

Modern Eden Gallery
San Francisco, CA. USA
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Human nature

About the artist

Theodora Capat tends to be alone most of the time, working and painting in her studio located in Vaxholm, Sweden called Vaxholm Kastellet. Sensitive and sometimes too honest, she has learned to navigate the art world mostly on her own. Her subjects vary a lot, never sticking to one subject nor to one gallery which gives her the chance to recreate herself and develop constantly, doing commissions like screen prints, to private commissions like portraits of animals and people. When given the time and opportunity Theodora paints and draws subjects that explore the human condition or just things regarding her abstract and weird vivid dreams. She also enjoys teaching, currently working as a part time teacher at the Swedish Academy of realist Art Sweden. 

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Theodora Capat’s work explores the subjects of life and death – mortality and how the passing of time is such a precious currency, is a core issue that she seeks to express in her work.

Theodora is also inspired by mythology, history, culture, people and animals. She enjoys drawing or painting the creatures that live on our blue planet.



2013 Fine Art School, Swedish Academy of Realist Art, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Renewal, WowxWow (Online)


Labyrinth of Dream, WowxWow (Online)

Stardust Antennas, WowxWow (Online)

Monochromagic 4, WowxWow (Online)

Vanguard, Outré Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2021 The 10th Annual Moleskine Project, Spokeart Gallery, San Francisco, CA. United States

2020 Midnight Garden, Curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA. United States.

Theodora Capat - Figurative Drawing - 7
Theodora Capat - Figurative Drawing - 12
Theodora Capat - Figurative Drawing - 11
Theodora Capat - Mouse Drawing

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