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About the artist

For Joanne Brooker art is her language. This is how she interact, how she make comment, and reflect back the influences, experiences and situations that affect her. To do this, Joanne uses the tools she has a connection to, primarily acrylics, oils and ink.

​Acrylics allow her to work in semi-opaque layers, creating fine detail, working quickly to capture an exacting vision. Oils attract her with intense colors, creamy textures and unpredictability. Ink is exacting, bold, and graphic; this medium fulfils Joanne Brooker’s need for clarification, negative space and the haiku of line.

All of these skills were brought to her ten years as an editorial artist for News Ltd newspapers, The Courier Mail, from 1992 to 2001, creating political and social comment on a daily deadline. She learnt realistic attitude to art creation, the business of art and the power political cartooning. Joanne have spoken on many media industry panels, Writers Festivals, Art Festivals  and run workshops around the world on this subject.

​On leaving the media world in 2001, she travelled, discovering a new context for her work. She have exhibited my art in Qatar, Dubai, Bolivia, China, UK and Australia.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Joanne Brooker’s works are strongly influenced by the imagery available to her as a child. Comics, graphic novels, TV cartoons and fantasy movies.

​They taught her  economy of line, visual narrative, layout, animation and character creation.

​Time spent as a child studying the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland, the Arabian Nights, Hans Christian Andersen, taught Joanne colour and detail, the delicacy and power of the black line, the joy of grotesquery and the connections between illustration and words.

​Her paintings are Streams of Consciousness, each paint stroke and color combination is a moment in time, a thought, a feeling. 


Joanne Brooker’s works have been seen in News Ltd The Courier Mail and The Australia over ten years as a full time Editorial Illustrator, Dubai Newspapers and Qatar Chill Out magazines.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Solo exhibition: “Shimmers”The Loft Gallery
Brisbane, Australia



Diploma course in Commercial Art, Queensland Art College.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Empire Revival Paddington, The Loft Gallery, Brisbane

Mermaids of the Gulf Exhibition, The Hamad Bin Khalifa University Art Space, Qatar. 


Empire Revival Paddington, The Loft Gallery, Brisbane

Selected Group Exhibitions


Aspire Gallery, Paddington, Australia

The Art of Imagination, Royal Queensland Art Group, Brisbane, Australia

Joanne Brooker - Still Life Painting - 2
Joanne Brooker - Figurative Painting - 1
Joanne Brooker - Figurative Painting - 3
Joanne Brooker - Cat Painting - 3

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