About Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory

Join exceptional, innovative and skilled artists from around the world with Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory – the leading platform for connecting with top talent. Our curated list of artists is available through our quarterly print magazine – Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, website, and social media channels, creating a global network for artists, collectors, curators, and media. Scroll down the see all the benefits included in the Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory membership.

Join cutting-edge artists from around the world

The Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory is a powerful tool for artists looking to grow their visibility, and connect with fellow artists, curators and collectors.

Elizabeth Winnel-Wittfooth - surreal painting 9

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine‘s mission is to champion emerging and mid-career artists, by leveraging our global influence across our various outlets including, our quarterly print and digital magazine, website, email marketing, our 1M+ social media community, annual curated exhibitions, and of course the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. Giving artists the visibility and validation their practice deserves!

The Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory further serves this mission. The Artist Directory is the premier platform for discovering and connecting with the most exceptional, innovative, and skilled artists. Whether you are a curator, gallery director, artist needing inspiration, or writer for the arts media, this curated list of artists presents the best artwork from around the world.

Artists who join the Artist Directory will have their profile and image gallery included on this site for 12 months, and will be published in the ‘Artist Directory’ editorial in each issue of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. Plus much more! See below.

Through the Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory, artists will:

Profile & GalleryHave an individual profile and gallery on this website for a 12 month period, including:
– Artist statement providing insight into the artists’ vision and inspiration.
– Information about the artists’ mediums, styles, and subject matter, to help visitors find artists who align with their interests.
– Contact information and social media accounts links, to allow visitors to connect directly.
– A gallery of images of their work.
– Links to their representing galleries.
– Information about the artists’ exhibitions.
– Links to reviews and press coverage.
– Links to online shops and galleries where the artists’ work is available for purchase.
Social Media exposureHave their work shared across all Beautiful Bizarre Magazine social media channels to our 1M+ followers.
Email MarketingBe featured in our regular ‘Artist Directory’ email newsletter to our 60,000+ email mailing list.
Published in international Art MagazineHave their bio and an artwork published in the ‘Artist Directory’ editorial in international print art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.
Published on Beautiful Bizarre Magazine websiteBlog published about the artist including their artwork on the the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website. The blog will remain on this website. The blog will also be shared on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine social media and via our email newsletter.
Private Facebook Community membershipGain membership to the dedicated private Facebook community which enables artists to connect with one another, the Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and respected Gallery Owner/Curator.

The Facebook community allows artists to share ideas, information, skills, new work, exhibition details, seek advice etc. It provides support and community for the global Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory network of artists.

The Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory offers a global network that brings together artists, collectors, galleries, curators and media.

For pricing, and full details regarding how you can join the list of cutting-edge artists from around the world on the Beautiful Bizarre Artist Directory, please email Athina at [email protected]


Terms and Conditions

  • The Artist owns the copyright to all images in their online profile/gallery and in the editorial in the print magazine.
  • Artwork that uses AI in the creation process is not accepted.
  • Image files supplied for the online profile must be low resolution, RGB format.
  • Blurry and images of artwork framed cannot be used on artist profile pages.
  • Beautiful Bizarre Magazine reserves to right to not upload offensive and discriminatory artwork.
  • Image files supplied for the print editorial must be high resolution.
  • Beautiful Bizarre Magazine may make minor text revisions according to the print and digital requirements of the business.
  • Minor changes may be made by the artist to their profile throughout the 12 month period that the artists profile is active online.
  • We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for major alterations.
  • Artwork and profiles printed in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine must be reviewed and approved by the artist by the specified deadline. If the deadline is missed the profile may not go to print.
  • Beautiful Bizarre Magazine reserves to right to determine which issue, within the 12 month period the artists bio and artwork will be printed in.
  • Artists will be offered the opportunity to renew their Artist Directory profile at the end of the 12 month period.

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