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Gold leaf
Curio Art Gallery
Almada, Portugal

The Inverarity Gallery
Banffshire, Scotland

The Hive Gallery & Studios
Los Angeles, USA

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Fairy Tales
Fantastic creatures
Pop surrealism
Science fiction
Sacred art

About the artist

Italian painter and illustrator Rossella Paolini was born in Trieste, a city of sea and woods, and lives in the historic heart of the city between a medieval castle and a Roman forum. She draws from a very young age, loving the illustrations of storybooks and animated films by Walt Disney.

As a Rossella was passionate about visiting museums, archaeological sites and art galleries and began to paint in oils in the studio of a teacher, a pupil of the famous painter Renato Gottuso. Subsequently in her adulthood she participates and organizes as Art Director various exhibitions in Festivals, Fairs and galleries exclusively on the Fantasy theme. Specializing in illustration for children after attending an international school in Italy, she participates and wins many competitions with exhibitions in Italy and France.

Rossella Paolini creates and dreams in his studio where, in addition to the tools of the trade, she has a vast collection of illustrated books from which she draws inspiration. She has been collaborating for some years with galleries in the United States, Scotland, Portugal and Japan.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Each of Rossella Paolini’s works embodies a meaning and a story. Inspired by the fantastic, occult and mysterious world, she tries to infuse through her works the knowledge learned from studies, books, travels and cinema.

The purpose of her art is to convey amazement, beauty, joy and harmony through female and animal figures, accompanying the observer into a multidimensional enchanted world where mythology, science fiction and fairy tales are another reality.

All her women-dolls have big, dreamy and deep eyes, as they are often depicted in a pop surrealist style, the meticulous details painted with small brushes are his aesthetic signature.


Rossella Paolini’s works has been featured in both print and online publications including, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine,Candy Floss Art Magazine, Marvelous Art Magazine, Marvelous Artists Book, 365 Art + Magazine, Zanna Magazine, Art Now Editore, Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea De Agostini, Numero 0 scritti d’arte e dintorni

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “The Midnight Garden”The Inverarity Gallery
Banffshire Scotland, Great Britain (online)
Group exhibition: “Mini Mix & Match”Quirky Fox Gallery
Hāwera ,New Zealand
Group exhibition: “7th Annual Holiday Mini Art Exhibit”Ghost Gallery
Seattle, WA. USA
Group exhibition: “Postcard Show”Brassworks Gallery
Portland, OR. USA



Private courses in painting, illustration for children and comics in Italy, with certificates of participation

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Legendary Women, The Inverarity Gallery, Scotland, Great Britain (Online)

Fairies Rococo, Curio Art Gallery, Almada, Portugal

Bizarre Universes, The Hive Gallery & Studios, Los Angeles, United States


Fabulosa, Sala Argondia New Age Center, Trieste, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions


Black + White, Metamorphosis Gallery, Willetton, WA. Australia

Reef-Building Corals , Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA. United States


Dream World, Gallery IYN, Osaka, Japan

Coffin Princess Vol. 2, Gallery IYN, Osaka, Japan

Hive Tarot 13,The Hive Gallery & Studios, Los Angeles. CA. United States


Power in Number 6, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA. United States

Rx Rainbows, 317 Art Collective, Rockford, Illinois, United States

Spellbound, The Inverarity Gallery, Scotland, Great Britain

Whimsical Fury 4, The Hive Gallery & Studios, Los Angeles, CA. United States

Grimm Tales Show, The Inverarity Gallery, Scotland, Great Britain

Group Art Show GET sur Real, The Lotus Gallery, Georgia, United States

Small Work Show, Penumbra Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (online)


Spark 3!, Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States (Online)

Storytime,  Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States

Fauna 2,  Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States (Online)

Pure Magick! 2, Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States (Online)

Into the Universe,  Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States

Super Pop,  Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States

Oceana,  Artwhirl Gallery, Long Beach, NY. United States

Squared Small Group Show, Penumbra Art Gallery, Lisbon,Portugal (Online)

Art Exhibition and Competition, Festival dell’Immagine Decima Edizione, Martina Franca, TA, Italy


Wars Group Art Show The Last Saga, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA. United States

Art Exhibition and Competition I quattro elementi della natura, Festival dell’Immagine Nona Edizione, Martina Franca, TA, Italy

Cammini di Fede, vedute del viaggio di San Nilo, Abbazia di S.Maria di Grottaferrata, Roma, Italy


Art Exhibition and Competition Apollo Dionisiaco Quinta Edizione, Castello della Castelluccia, Roma, Italy

Biennale d’Arte Metropoli di Torino Art Exhibition and Competition Arte Città Amica, Palazzo Birago, Torino, Italy

Art Exhibition and Competition La Gioia, Glam Art, Trieste, Italy

Rossella Paolini - Figurative Painting - 4
Rossella Paolini - Figurative Painting - 3
Rossella Paolini - Figurative Painting - 2
Rossella Paolini - Figurative Painting - 13

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