ArtistAna Priscila RodriguezResidesThe Netherlands
Websitepriscila.nlMediumMixed Media Photography
Digital Painting
Anita Neve Gallery
Almere-Haven, The Netherlands  
ThemesConceptual photography
Emotional world
Human Psyche 
Fairytales and stories
Women emotional world
Trauma and Inner healing
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About the artist

Ana Priscila Rodriguez, born 1974 in Mexico City, resides in The Netherlands since 1998.

She graduated Cum Laude from the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2006, specialising in Mixed Media and Photography. She also has background studies in History and Graphic Design.

Her photographic work is intimate, delicate and confronting. With her images she attempts to create a relatable shore for the emotional and psychological human experience. Every image is a window to a story using photography as a medium to create visuals attached to a feeling or an emotion where the viewer fills in the blanks with their own visions. The complexity of the texture and layers in her photographic work creates the illusion of an old oil painting in each of her works, giving a sense of dark melancholy, romance and drama with a tone of classic Baroque. More than a self-portrait, her work evokes everyone’s drama, journey and vulnerabilities. The story starts with her and it is followed by the story of the beholder.

Ana Priscila Rodriguez has mastered her own hybrid digital mixed media technique, and she produces digital and paper collage work, as well as analogue images.

She has exhibited numerous times in The Netherlands, Europe and participated in International festivals. She has also been awarded several honourable mentions and distinctions in diverse international photography competitions. 

“… I create conceptual self portraits transforming the images through a variety of techniques and mediums until they lose their contextual shape.  For me, Transformation is the ultimate act of creation, it is the essence of the Art making.  To be able to transform my reality into a magical realm where real life collides with dreams and nightmares, is what my work is all about…”

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Ana Priscila Rodrigueza’s works are all about the human experience of life itself, her work is at times dark and confrontational, it is a mirror to one’s mirrors, fears, long lost loves and regrets and at the same time it offers a shore of recognition, acceptance and possibilities. No matter how dark, there is always a way forward. The subjects are intimately connected with the inner experience of the spectator, the intention is to create that link while experiencing her images. Human desires, dreams, fantasies, limitations and trauma are some of the subjects recurrent in Priscila’s artwork. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Solo exhibition: “Threads”Pulchri Studio
The Hague, The Netherlands.

Group exhibition: “Creatures of Power”Playroom Gallery
Zaandam, The Netherlands.



2006  Bachelor in Fine Arts. Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)  The Netherlands

Specialty: photography & Intermedia (mixed media)

11998 Bachelor in History. Universidad del Centro Cultural Helenico, Mexico City.

1996 Technical Graphic Design. Instituto de Arte Publicitario y Diseño Grafico, Mexico City.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Threads, Studio Pulchri, The Hague, The Netherlands


The Anatomy of Love, Anita Neve Gallery, Almere, The Netherlands


El Camino a Mictlán – Online exhibition on

Selected Group Exhibitions


Kunstkamer Vaassen, Kunstkamer Vaassen, Vaassen, The Netherlands


Altar de Muertos for Carlos Fuentes, collaboration exhibition with the Mexican Embassy and Grupo Tule at the OBA in Amsterdam

Bring Your Own Beamer, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands

Kunstkamer Vaassen, Autumn Edition, Ter Heerdspad 14, Vaassen, The Netherlands

Spotlight, Observatory Gallery in 64 Marchmont Street, London, United Kingdom

Dreams and Imaginings, Photo Place Gallery,  Middlebury, VT. United States

If I Were, if I Could, Kibbutz Yifat Valley Museum, Galilee, Israel

Ana Priscila Rodriguez - Self-portrait Mixed Media Photography - 5
Ana Priscila Rodriguez - Self-portrait Mixed Media Photography - 2
Ana Priscila Rodriguez - Self-portrait Mixed Media Photography - 3
Ana Priscila Rodriguez - Self-portrait Mixed Media Photography - 4

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