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About the artist

Carolin Leary Prinn (b. Boston, 1984) has been inspired by myth, folklore and history from a very young age, stirring the creation of her mythical world, The Islands of Niljora, a world that frames all of her creations. With a love of symbolism she forms her imagery and stories – evoking a realm of a dreamy, mystical and otherworldly nature. Her work traverses the world of fantastical illustration and realism, inspired by The Golden Age of illustrators, animation, Ancient art, and masters of The Renaissance and 19th century.

Carolin has been devoted to her art and the recipient of multiple scholarship awards, amongst other accolades, since childhood. Following an influential painting residency through her university, she began her career as an illustrator and portrait artist in her ancestral home of New Zealand, and found quick success. She has been a selected finalist for The International A.R.C. Salon, The Adam Portraiture Award and selected to tour nationally through The New Zealand Portrait Gallery. As an author and illustrator, she has published two books on her world, held in the permanent and heritage collections of The New Zealand National Library and Otago University’s Hocken Library. 

Her works can be found in private collections in Europe, The United States and New Zealand.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Carolin Leary Prinn sees her works as artefacts of her world, The Islands of Niljora. It has been the way she has organised the world we live in since she was a child, expressed in her paintings, drawings, written stories, even the creation of its costumes. Part myth, fairytale, and spiritual journey, The Islands of Niljora is a symbolic reflection on our universal human story – our history, human nature, philosophies, and personal experiences. Her work connects to a lifelong fascination with nature, our greatest teacher, as well as to the mystical, the mythological and the ancient world.


Carolin Leary Prinn’s works has been featured in notable magazine, books, and online sources including The A.R.C. Salon Publication, Art Renewal Center, The Spirit of Shadows and The Primordials & Tales from The Islands of Niljora, Illustrated book and cover work: ‘Death from Above’ Pansy Detwhiler Press, Skydeck Music, Raiffeisenbank

Upcoming Exhibitions

(Until Oct. 31)
Group exhibition: “Almenara Art Prize”Almenara Collection
Córdoba, Spain
(Online exhibition)



2019-2021 Painting Program, The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

2010 B.F.A. Painting (Honours), The Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA, United States

2008 White Cloud Workshops in Concept Art, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Worlds, Deluxe, Wellington, New Zealand

Selected Group Exhibitions


FAA Student Online Exhibition, The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy


The Parkin Drawing Prize, The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, New Zealand


The Parkin Drawing Prize, The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, New Zealand


The Adam Portraiture Award, The New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

Wanderlust, PRO4 Organisation, Berlin, Germany

Vernissage, PRO4 Organisation, Berlin, Germany

Carolin Leary Prinn - Figurative Painting - 6
Carolin Leary Prinn - Figurative Painting - 5
Carolin Leary Prinn - Figurative Painting - 4
Carolin Leary Prinn - Figurative Painting - 7

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