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About the artist

Karin Hauck is self-taught, her serious involvement in painting only began in 2016 after she completed a painting course in the technique of the old masters. Since then, she has been constantly evolving. This happened mainly through numerous visits to museums where she found inspiration in the old masters of the Italian Renaissance such as Raffael and Leonardo or by Flemish and French painters such as Van Eyck, Vermeer, Ingres, Flandrin and Bouguerau.

Karin Hauck is the 2nd Prize Winner of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Founders’ Emerging Artist Award 2023.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

After many years of dealing with philosophy and psychology, the desire to paint pictures arose in order to express insights, perspectives, feelings or moods. What is difficult to express in words, as unity in diversity or timelessness in time. This always happens in relation to current topics regarding Karin Hauck’s life or through people who inspire her.


Karin Hauck’s paintings have been published in The Guide Artists Magazine.


Selected Solo Exhibitions


Tributes to the Old Masters, Home exhibition, Bremen, Germany


Faces of Cultures, Bremer Heimstiftung, Bremen, Germany


Intercultural Encounters, Bremer Heimstiftung, Bremen, Germany

Karin Hauck - Figurative Painting - 9
Karin Hauck - Figurative Painting - 10
Karin Hauck - Figurative Painting - 3
Karin Hauck - Figurative Painting - 4

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