ArtistLo Chan PengResidesTaiwan
Enlighten Gallery
Taipei, Taiwan

Line Gallery,
Beijing, China

Gallery Suchi
Tokyo, Japan

Gallery Sumire
Tokyo, Japan

Beinart Gallery
Melbourne, Australia

Corey Helford Gallery
Los Angeles, USA
Follow the ArtistInstagram | FacebookThemesClassical yet contemporary
Emotional resonance
Origins of religion 
Divine feminine
Wild Woman
Ecological Revolution

About the artist

Lo Chan Peng is a renowned artist who has won numerous awards both domestically and internationally. These awards include: Grand Prize Winner 2023 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, the ARC Collection Award from the Art Renewal Center in the United States, the Portrait Honors Award from the Art Renewal Center in the United States, the ARC Best Popular Award from the Art Renewal Center in the United States (2020), the Federal Art Newcomer Award (2004), and the Chi Mei Art Award (2007). Since 2011, Lo Chan Peng has participated in several large-scale international art exchange programs as a resident artist, including those in Berlin, Germany (2011) and the El Segundo Museum of Arts in Los Angeles, United States (2013). In recent years, he has participated in major exhibitions and art fairs. Lo Chan Peng’s works are collected by the El Segundo Museum of Arts in the United States, the Hoki Museum in Japan, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Chi Mei Museum in Taiwan, the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan, and many private collectors both domestically and internationally.

Lo Chan Peng’s works mainly focus on portraits and cover a wide range of media including oil paintings and ink wash. In his works, he often explores issues related to time, history, and the boundaries between life and death. Through his figurative and delicate portraiture, as well as traces of wear and tear, damage, burning, and stains, he brings a powerful visual experience to viewers. In doing so, he transforms abstract concepts such as time and history into visible elements and creates a unique artistic vocabulary. In recent years, his main subjects include “people changed by history,” “those who change history,” and “light.” The main characteristic of his work is the indescribable expression of the figures in his paintings, which are profound and mysterious. Lo Chan Peng believes that this simple purity comes from his life experience and is what all great artists have pursued throughout history.

Lo Chan Peng is the Grand Prize Winner of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Lo Chan Peng focuses on portrait painting in oil and ink. Delving into themes such as time, history, and life and death, individuals transformed by history, individuals who have transformed history, and light.


Lo Chan Peng’s paintings have been featured in notable magazine and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Photographize, Artospective, Articulate, The Guide Artists, and etc.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Transformation – Body, Perception, and Power Exhibition”Asia University Museum of Modern Art
Taichung, Taiwan
Group exhibition: “Serendipity”
Curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Haven Gallery
Northport, NY. USA



Graduated from the Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Whispers of History, Peng Si and Lo Chan Peng in a duo exhibition,Enlighten Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan


Historic Movers and Shakers, and the Doomed, Daguan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Amor Fati, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY. United States


Misty, Daguan Gallery, Taipei

Selected Group Exhibitions


Immortality, Gallery Suchi, Tokyo, Japan

Utopia, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2023, Gallery Suchi, Fukuoka, Japan

Dark Art 2023, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

The Mystery of the Pupil, Hoki Museum, Chiba, Japan

Secret Longings, curated by Beautiful Bizarre, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. United States

The Nude – Mysteries of the Human Body, Artglorieux Gallery (curated by Gallery Sumire), Tokyo, Japan


Los Angeles Art Show”,Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA. United States

Of Mice and Men, Verduyn Gallery, Belgium

The Nude – Mysteries of the Human Body, Artglorieux Gallery (curated by Gallery Sumire), Tokyo, Japan

One World, Group Exhibitions Gallery Suchi, Tokyo, Japan


Chan Peng Lo - Figurative Painting - 41
Chan Peng Lo - Figurative Painting - 53
Chan Peng Lo - Figurative Painting - 51
Chan Peng Lo - Figurative Painting - 49

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