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About the artist

Kym Lee is a Melbourne-based Visual Artist & Designer with a degree in Bachelor of Art, (Fine Art) & (Digital Design). She has exhibited her work both locally and internationally, gaining international recognition including galleries like Boomer Gallery in London, UK, winning accolades, such as ‘Best in Show’ at Fusion Gallery in 2023, 2nd place in the Commonwealth Artist Prize and honourable mentions at Boomer Gallery in Victoria Australia in 2023. Recently gaining media coverage featuring two of her paintings in Art Edit Magazine, sold extensively across Australia & New Zealand.

Driven by a profound love for animals and a belief in kindness and empathy towards all living beings, Kym’s art takes various forms, such as painting, sculpture, illustration, and digital art. Drawing inspiration from personal and collective memories, and the beauty around us. 

Art allows me to connect with my creativity, growing up I always had a passion for art, immersing herself into an Airbrush business winning many awards and later following my dreams of exploring the world and creating narratives that deal with concepts of intelligence, connections, and fragility through painting and sculpture.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

“A moment unfolds, inviting contemplation and wonder amidst a tapestry of diversity. It reminds us that intelligence and connections are inherent in all living things. As the park resonates with the sound of heartbeats, it beckons us to embrace and explore our differences, revealing the essence of uniqueness and beauty.”

​‘Whispers of the Park’ is a captivating exploration of both the tangible and metaphysical aspects of existence within a park’s nocturnal atmosphere. Through her body of work the four paintings weave together narratives that encompass contemplation, interconnectedness, fragility, and the pursuit of knowledge. 

Kym Lee’s vision transcends the canvas to embrace profound philosophical themes, resonating with the beauty that surrounds us while inviting viewers to delve into the depths of the human experience.​ 


Kym Lee’s paintings have been published in notable magazines including, Art Edit Magazine and Staff Pics.




Bachelor of Arts Fine Art & Digital Experience & Interaction Design
Curtin University – Perth Australia



2nd Place – National Capital Art Prize in Victoria

Honourable Mention – ArtRoom Exhibition​​

Best in Show – Fusion Art Show, Santa Fe, united States

Selected Group Exhibitions


One Night Stand, Mesopotamia Art ​Space at Fly Little Bird Gallery​, Victoria Australia

ArtRoom Exhibition, Victoria Australia

Fusion Art Show, Sante Fe, United States

Mountview Art Show, Melbourne​, Australia


Boomer Gallery London, United Kingdom

Kym Lee - Cat Painting - 3
Kym Lee - Mouse Painting - 3
Kym Lee - Cat Painting - 4
Kym Lee - Cat Painting - 2

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