ArtistMishelle SherriResidesUnited Kingdom
Mixed Media
Fine liners
ThemesHuman Condition
Social Injustice
Free Will and Determinism
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Surreal beings
Nature spirits

About the artist

Mishelle Sherri is a multimedia artist and illustrator who uses the delicate craft of paper sculpture and marker drawing to tell dark and bizarre stories. Their style, a tapestry woven with threads of influence from artists such as M.C. Escher, Akiya Kageichi, and Ernst Fuchs, is a labyrinthine adventure for the mind.

Mishelle’s creations are visual riddles that require patience and an eye for detail; every stroke, shape, and colour conceals layers of meaning, inviting viewers to engage in a playful dance of interpretation. Mishelle believes that there are no ‘wrong answers’ in the dialogue between art and audience. Their work is an intricate game where your interpretation is as valid as the initial idea, blurring the boundaries between artist and viewer.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

At the heart of Mishelle Sherri’s creative universe lies literature. Most of their drawings and sculptures are based on books by Hermann Hesse, Julio Cortázar, Kurt Vonnegut, and other authors they admire. Yet Mishelle’s work is more than merely creating a visual accompaniment to literary compositions; their aim is to reimagine these narratives, offering fresh perspectives and breathing new life into timeless tales. Mishelle believes that ideas are alive as long as they are discussed.

Mishelle Sherri views their art not only as a way to explore the human condition and express their civic position in a creative manner but also as a cathartic outlet, a tool to externalize their Weltschmerz. They often use their works as a window into the mind, revealing the emotional landscapes within. Their communication is multi-layered, using allusions, cultural references, and symbols, often drawn from the ethereal realms of dreams and archetypal imagery.



2023, BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

2020, Foundation Degree in Illustration, British Higher School of Art and Design, Russia.

2019, Pre-Foundation in Art & Design, British Higher School of Art and Design, Russia.

Selected Group Exhibitions


At Peace, Batsford Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Myth, ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia


Work, ARTPLAY [online exhibition], Moscow, Russia

Mishelle Sherri - Figurative Paper - 2
Mishelle Sherri - Plant Paper - 1
Mishelle Sherri - Figurative Paper - 1

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