ArtistSeverine PineauxResidesFrance
Gold Leaf
Daniel Maghen Gallery
Paris, France

Naia Museum
Rochefort en Terre, France
ThemesDivine feminine
Ecological Revolution
Celtic legends
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About the artist

Severine Pineaux started painting in her teens. After working as an illustrator for role-playing games and SF, horror and fantasy book covers, she resumed a personal creative adventure in 1996 after the birth of her first child, and published these works in books in which the images precede the text and narrative and are the inspiration behind them. Her work navigates between two worlds, that of painting and that of comics and illustrated books. At present, she’s also continuing to work for the game worlds, illustrating for Sorcery TCG. She lives in the Brocéliande forest, which is a great source of inspiration. She is quoted on .

Severine’s paintings are a walk in a dream world, inspired by mythology and fairy tales but also by cyberpunk culture and dark romanticism where past and future intertwine. Staged in her books, they become actors and scenery of a paper theater. By merging trees and humans, plants and animals, by mixing machines and plants, she evokes the links and the unity of the world suggested by ancient spiritualities as well as by contemporary science.     

The starting point of her painting is fusion. Severine perceive the contemporary world as a universe of crossbreeding where human cultures are rapidly mixing, where hybridization with machines becomes possible, where we discover that our DNA is very close to that of other living beings, where quantum entanglement abolishes distances… It is this feeling of disappearance of the borders between things that she translates into images. “I am located in the twilight zone, between the shadow and the light, I feel the strength of the feelings of love which can link the beings”. She wants to believe in the possible reconciliation between mankind and nature, but a grimacing skull is sometimes seen in the middle of flowers.

Severine Pineaux hose the classical medium of oil painting, and the figurative way to give the maximum evocative power to her mental images and also for the pure pleasure that the act of painting gives her. She tries to create with her adult technique in the state of mind of her childhood. It is very important to her to publish her paintings in creative books halfway between art book, illustrated book and comic book, it is the way she found to spread her work and tell all the stories that inhabits her mind.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Severine Pineaux depicts plant-beings, made up of accumulated leaves, bark and flowers, as Arcimboldo might have done.  These dryads and fantastical animals often roam landscapes of ruined cities, reflecting ecological concerns. She uses symbolism, drawing on European Renaissance painting as much as pop culture and Celtic legends.


Severine Pineaux’s paintings have been published in books, magazine and newspapers including Terra Incognita, Ysambre, le monde-arbre La Mascara, Les dragons, petit traité de sciences naturelles, Le grand bestiaire des légendes, Les dragons, Ysambre, la femme graine, Carnet de croquis, la forêt magique de Séverine Pineaux, Spectrum n°13 / Spectrum n°16 / Spectrum n°19, Gothic Faërie, Chats, le livre secret, Nature Art Today, Des sourires et des chat, Imaginaire VIII, IX, X, XI, Merveilles et légendes des Dragons, Merveilles et Légendes des Forêts Enchantées, Le Murmure des Étoiles, Infected by Art 2017 2023, Le Bestiaire des Légendes, Chats Enchantés, Le Tarot des Chats, Les Histochats, L’oracle des Créatures Légendaires, La Nymphe, le jeune homme et le temps, Le grand cercle celtique, Ouest France, Regards sur les Arts, Art Galaxie, and Univers des Arts.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Salon de l’Oracle et du Tarot”Paimpont – Morbihan – France
Group exhibition: “Salon d’automne”Lunéville – France



1978 Drawing Workshop Baudry, Paris

1981 – Bachelor’s degree in plastic arts University Paris VIII

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Le Chapin de Noël“, La Porte des Secrets, Paimpont, France


Le Chapin de Noël“, La Porte des Secrets, Paimpont, France


La Nature Féerique” Galerie Le Croissant de Lune, Landerneau, France 

La Forêt Magique“, la Porte des Secrets, Paimpont, France


Galerie Duc d’Aquitaine“, Vouvant, France


Morgane“, Office du tourisme, Trehorenteuc, France


Galerie Duc d’Aquitaine“, Vouvant, France


Feuille et Fées“, Office du tourisme, Trehorenteuc, France


Gothic Faërie“, Château de Comper en Brocéliande, France

La forêt magique“, Office du tourisme, Trehorenteuc, France


Gothic Faërie“, Galerie Petits Papiers, Paris, France

Selected Group Exhibitions


Un voyage en Bretagne Féerique“, Le petit echo de la mode, Châtelaudren – France

 “Dream & Divinities“, Beacon, Londres, England

Salon d’automne“, Lunéville, France

Déclic 23“, Aixe sur Vienne, France


“Salon d’Automne”, Lunéville, France

Les Fées font la mode“, la Porte des Secrets, Paimpont, France


Fantastiques fonds marins“, Château de Noirmoutier, France

Le cheval dans tous ses états“, La Gacilly, France

Salon d’été“, St Gildas de Rhuys, France

Les fées font la mode“, Porte des secrets, Paimpont, France

 “Emergence”, A Chance for Happiness, Vienne, Austria

 “Saison 2021“, Naïa Museum, Rochefort en Terre, France

 “Salon d’automne“, Lunéville, France

Hal’art“, Vézélise, France


“Ondes et Lumières de Brocéliande”, La porte des Secrets, Paimpont

“Tribute to Lewwis Caroll”, Langes Magazin, Frederikssun, Denmark


“Safadore”, Mont Dore, France

Créatures des eaux“, Château de Comper en Brocéliande, France

Festival des imaginaires“, Ravières, France

“Art fantastique”, Museum im Schafstall, Neuenstadt, Germany

Salon d’automne“, Lunéville, France

Fantastique“, Médiathèque de Vannes, France

Mélusine“, Historial de la Vendée, Les Lucs sur Bologne, France

Shooteurs du chaos“, Galerie Manjari, Paris, France


Salon du portrait“, le Mans, France

Elles aussi“, La Roche Bernard, France

Cerf sacré“, Château de Comper en Brocéliande, Concoret, France

Chiméria“, Sedan, France

Salon d’automne“, Lunéville, France


Fantastiske Figurationner“, Galerie Grud Grothe Charlottenlund, Denmark

Art Galerie Callas”, Bremen, Germany

IFA“, Tokyo, Japon

Salon d’Automne – Luneville – France

IFA“, Réalité Secrète, Paris, France

Dream&Divinities“, Cerf sacré, Paris, France

Severine Pineaux - Figurative Painting - 1
Severine Pineaux - Elephant Painting - 1
Severine Pineaux - Figurative Painting - 2
Severine Pineaux - Figurative Painting - 3

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