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Women power
Persian and western culture
Hero’s journey

About the artist

Farnoosh Doroudgar is an Iranian Artist and Model, born and raised in Tehran, Iran known for the project The Atlas of Beauty since 2017. She has been interested in painting since childhood and pursuing painting seriously since she was 24 years old. Digital painting was a revolutionary road in her career and it enabled her to portray everything she had in mind in a new way.

Farnoush thinks that Digital Art per se is capable of expressing art on a deeper level and provides so many opportunities to demonstrate one’s own imagination which is rare in any other forms and mediums in art, so that she can influence the surrounding people with it.

As a middle eastern woman and Artist dealing with many difficulties such as international sanctions toward us, the most concern living in Iran for me in recent years was to be an advocate of her people, and she have always sought this issue to demonstrate their inner feelings and emotions throughout my work.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Farnoosh Doroudgar’s works mainly demonstrates womens issues and her concerns in the form of a hero’s journey. She always gets inspired by the greatest artists from the renaissance era such as Botticeli, Da Vinci and Persian’s such as Ali akbar Sadeghi. Her obsession with details and flourish settings comes from both western and eastern art. Her mission and aim as an artist is to portray the beauty and difficulties of a woman’s life specially Persian women who’ve been struggling during their lifetime.


Farnoosh Doroudgar’s digital paintings have been featured in notable magazines, newspapers and news including Marvelous Art Magazine, EI PAIS, Diari ARA, Alcatara TV News, ZH Magazine, Cultural Nomads, Goddess Art Magazine, and Upward’s Quarterly Spring Magazine.



2012-2014 MA Economics, Islamic, Cconomics Theoretical, Branch Tehran South University, Tehran, Iran

2008-2012, BA Economics, Allameh of College Economics, University Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran

Selected Solo Exhibitions


“Eye’s Won’t Lie”, Gallery Art Marvelous, Istanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions


“The Wrong Biennale no. 6”, Sensory Disconnection Pavilion, Spain

“Virtual Exhibition”, Gallery Art Marvelous, United Kingdom


“Media Weird”, University State Winona, Minnesota, United States


“The Wrong Biennale no. 5”, Canal 180 Portugal’s Culture Cable TV, Sudden Gallery, Spain

“Resilience and Dreams”, Gallery Art Marvelous, Istanbul, Turkey

Farnoosh Doroudgar - Figurative Digital Art - 9
Farnoosh Doroudgar - Figurative Digital Art - 10
Farnoosh Doroudgar - Figurative Digital Art - 4
Farnoosh Doroudgar - Figurative Digital Art - 2

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