ArtistSally KResidesQatar
Artspace Warehouse
New York, USA

Morton Contemporary Gallery
Philadelphia, PA. USA

KunstWarenhaus Gallery
Neumarkt, Zurich
ThemesFeminine empowerment
Floral and nature
Divine feminine
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About the artist

Sally K’s signature portraits capture the essence of empowered femininity, celebrating the strength and grace inherent in every woman. Ethereal flower crowns cascade across the canvas, obscuring her eyes and evoking a sense of mystery and awe–prompting curiosity about this radiant woman.

Unweighted by materialistic elements, her poise exudes a natural force. She seamlessly communicates both confidence and resilience, while emanating grace and sensuality showing us all women can embody these qualities harmoniously, without concession.

Throughout her life, she’s always been drawn to self-assured women. Women who aren’t afraid of their femininity. Sometimes they’re tough and daring, quiet and determined or curious and playful strengths she admires and attributes to strive to gain. To capture these qualities, each painting is imbued with layers of meaning. The deliberate selection of vibrant colors, imperfect petals, and unique arrangements serves to convey her story, inviting interpretation from the viewer.

It’s important to her that her portraits are both personal and universally inclusive. Celebrating the diversity of women from all cultures and backgrounds and uplifting them by reminding them of their innate beauty, strength, and resilience.

She is the woman within. A universal symbol of fierce feminine empowerment; unapologetic, unique, radiant and self-assured.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Sally K’s paintings are contemporary woman portraits representing empowered femininity, confidence, strength and beauty intertwined with florals that cascade across the canvas.


Sally K’s paintings have been featured in notable magazine Candyfloss Magazine.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Affordable art fair”Artspace Warehouse
New York, USA



2004, BA fine arts (painting) from LAU Beirut, Lebanon

Selected Group Exhibitions


QIAF Qatar International Art Festival“, Expo 2023, Qatar

Color Pop“, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, United States

Philly Home and Garden Show“, Morton Contempoary, Philadelphia, United States


Qatar International Art Festival“, Doha, Qatar

Affordable Art Fair New York“, Artspace Warehouse, New York, United States

Its Getting Hot In Here”, Morton Contempoary, Philadelphia, United States

Vernissage “Abstraction Taking Shape”, Kunstwarenhaus, Zurich

Identity with a chance of Imperfection“, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, United States


Affordable Art Fair New York“, Artspace Warehouse, New York, United States


Art Palm Springs“, Artspace Warehouse, Palm Springs, United States

Hamptons Virtual Art Fair“, Morton Contempoary, Philadelphia, United States


Colored Whipped Cream“, Morton Contempoary, Philadelphia, United States

Affordable Art Fair“, Hong Kong

“Affordable Art Fair New York”, New York, United States


Colored Whipped Cream”, Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA. United States

Design District“, Fashion Island Pop up Gallery, Newport, United States

Featured Artist“, The Threshold Art Gallery, Redlands, CA. United States

Redlands Art Association Art Walk“, 484 North Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA. United States

Connect”, Los Angeles, Exchange LA. United States

THE SHOW “, Northridge, CA. United States

Group show “, Positive Space Studios, Chicago, IL. United States

Sally K - Figurative Painting - 3
Sally K - Figurative Painting - 2
Sally K - Figurative Painting - 4
Sally K - Figurative Painting - 1

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