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ArtistAmy SalomoneResidesUnited States
Websiteformsmostbeautiful.comMediumDigital Collage
Mixed Media
POP Gallery
Santa Fe,NM. USA
ThemesEvolution and Natural Selection
Animal Behavior
Man’s Place in larger
biological and cosmological systems
Inheritance and gene expression
Ecological Balance
The basis of human emotion
Microbiology and the microbiome
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About the artist

Amy Salomone of “Forms Most Beautiful” is a mixed media digital collage artist combining her extensive background in science and art to create works that explore man’s place in the natural world.  Her educational and professional background in science is evident in her work which communicates concepts such as evolution and natural selection, animal behavior, the limitations of human perception and our story within a larger cosmological and biological story.  Each piece is designed to tell a part of that story and to act as a starting point through which we begin to see ourselves from a different vantage point.

Amy largely works with digital collage and ephemera, but also incorporates personal illustrations, photography and at times microscope observations into her work. 

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Amy Salomone’s work is typically rooted in uncovering something about the human experience for the onlooker.  We, as humans, are deeply entangled with the natural world around us, and yet we often see ourselves as separate or above.  In her work she aims to dispel that myth and uncover truths about the origins, experiences and evolution of the human animal.  In addition, she often play around with themes such as microbial diversity and the microbiome, evolution through the process of natural selection, biochemistry, ecological balance, symbiosis and nucleosynthesis (the creation of matter) within stars and supernovae.  “My pieces are meant to bridge enormous gaps in time, linking the distant past to our current realities”.

Einstein once said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.  That is the idea that dictates both her personal approach to learning about the universe, but also to communicating that understanding to an audience.

What can the world teach us about ourselves?  How can it change our human perspective and the way that we move through our lives?

These are questions that interest and inspire Amy’s work.


Amy Salomone’s works have been featured in notable magazine, and books including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Goats Milk Magazine, Arts to Hearts Magazine, The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, “The Illustrated Book of Medicine” collection, “Returning Home To Our Bodies” and “A World in Which”.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Surreal Salon”Baton Rouge Gallery
Baton Rouge, LA. USA 



2022 Natural Science Illustration Certificate: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Rhode Island, United States

2002 Bachelors: Microbiology: The University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island, United States

2005 Masters: Biology Education: Brown University, Rhode Island, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Surreal Salon, Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA. United States

Elemental Mysteries, The Third Sanctum Gallery, Warwick, RI. United States


Disquiet, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. United States [Note: Piece earned high score in show and was a finalist for Grand Jury Award]

Momentum, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. United States

Oh Mother, Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI. United States


Pawtucket Arts Collaborative: Foundations Show


Pawtucket Arts Collaborative: Fall Show

Pawtucket Arts Collaborative: Transformation

Amy Salomone - Figurative Digital Art - 2
Amy Salomone - Figurative Digital Art - 10
Amy Salomone - Figurative Digital Art - 6
Amy Salomone - Figurative Digital Art - 13

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