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About the artist

Nasim Pachi is an international contemporary painter whose work confronts culture, religion and the restrictions they impose, particularly on women.  

Her monumental canvases are richly detailed, contrasting the female form with intricate patterns of fabric or mosaics. Their enticing aesthetic draws in the viewer until we are forced to reflect on the importance of choice and individuality amid the complex rules of society.

Originally from Iran, Pachi studied in Germany and has lived and worked in Europe, West Africa and Southeast Asia. Her experience has revealed that people and their actions are as complicated beyond Iran’s borders as inside of them. Her paintings investigate this, encouraging both artist and viewer to reframe their own identity in a global context.

Pachi’s art has been internationally exhibited. She received both her Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Illustration from HAW University Hamburg, Germany.

Pachi lives and works currently in Hong Kong.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Nasim Pachi’s journey through life, from growing up in Iran, studying abroad and living in various countries, has given her different perspectives and fueled her creativity.

Experiencing new cultures and societies has inspired her to investigate and reflect on her own identity. Her art challenges viewers by the contrasts that she presents, often through richly layered portraits that delve into themes of freedom, identity, and gender.

She explores the complexities of personal identity, often juxtaposing cultural patterns with bare female form and faceless figures to provoke thought on these themes.

Bare bodies in her art represent natural harmony and freedom. Her preferred medium is smooth linen or canvas, where she can apply acrylic for patterns and oil for skin tones. 


Nasim Pachi’s paintings have been featured in notable magazine and online sources including Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Contemporary Identities Magazine, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Create! Magazine.



2017 Master of Arts in Illustration, Faculty of Design, Media and Information, Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany

2014 Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, Faculty of Design, Media and Information, Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions


Pop in, Hvar Arsenal, Hvar, Croatia


Global Art Exhibition, Palazzo Merulana Museum, Rome, Italy

WAGMI, CAP Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait

Affordable Art Fair, Odds & Ends Gallery, Hong Kong

Global Art Exhibition, House of Wisdom, Sharjah, The United Emirates Arab 


Bodinker, “Asia Contemporary Art show”, Hong Kong


Galerie im Elysee, Hamburg, Germany


Hexagon, “Art Supplement”, Goettingen, Germany

7th “Passion for freedom” art festival 2015, Mall Galleries, London, United Kingdom

Nord Art, Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Buedelsdorf, Germany

9th international Arte Laguna Prize, finalists exhibition, Venice, Italy

Nasim Pachi - Figurative Painting - 3
Nasim Pachi - Figurative Painting - 10
Nasim Pachi - Figurative Painting - 4
Nasim Pachi - Figurative Painting - 5

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