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Montpellier, France
ThemesFigurative Art
Nude Art
Realist Art
Abstract Expression
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About the artist

TheArtistRobert is the moniker of Robert Walker, a UK-based fine art painter best known for his ‘geo-figurative’ works that derive their meaning based on the model’s body language or expression and perceived cue. He paints in oils enjoying its multiple technique uses and is currently experimenting in mixed media as he further develops his practice.

He is a Member of the Visual Artists Association a global organisation he quotes as having had a huge impact on his attitude and approach towards his work giving him the confidence and support to move forward in sharing it with others. He was a panellist on their recent ‘2023 Artists’ Successes’ webinar.

With many works now sold including within the US, Europe and Asia Robert has recently moved to working full time at his practice. When he’s away from his easel he’s most likely to be found with his guitar, reading or travelling and always learning.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Interested in the semiotics of the figure, TheArtistRobert works derive their meaning based on the model’s body language or expression and perceived cue. He enjoys the interplay of the organic figure with linear and ovoid geometric forms bound together in a tight colour harmony and composition, and now leans towards an intuitive approach having studied formal composition and colour theory. His figurative outlines express his desire to communicate the electric energy, often latent, within the human form and his use of ‘guard’ lines to protect the model is a personal stylistic choice. As such his work can be considered abstract expressionist. His latest series of works mix his master techniques and references, an avenue he is keen to continue exploring.


TheArtistRobert has been featured in notable magazine and online sources including Spotlight Magazine, The Flux Review, and D31

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Perspective on Drawing”Frame Workshop Gallery
Ipswich, UK
Group exhibition: “The Other Art Fair”
curated by Saatchiart
Truman Brewery
London, UK



Primarily self-taught but has studied part-time at Barnes Atelier, London and together online with Scott Eaton, Scott Waddell and Dorian Iten who are respected tutors based on their own rigorous atelier-based training.


Visual Art Open 2023, Longlisted

Runner Up, Main Prize, ‘Celebrating Our Differences’, D31 Gallery

Terravarna 6th Figurative Art Competition, Talent Prize Award

58th Artavita Online Contest, Finalist

ARTIdeal Magazine Cover Contest, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Finalist

Selected Solo Exhibitions


theartistrobert, Pallet Arts Bar, Showmarket, Suffolk, England

Selected Group Exhibitions


Artistic Visions, Flux 10th Anniversary Exhibition, London Piccadilly

Celebrating Our Differences, D31 Gallery, Doncaster, United Kingdom

Lingering Memories, Fox Yard Studio, Stowmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Artists on the Rise, Auction sale of Contemporary Investment Art

theartistrobert - Figurative Painting - 7
theartistrobert - Figurative Painting - 9
theartistrobert - Figurative Painting - 11
theartistrobert - Figurative Painting - 6

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