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About the artist

Theo Polymorphos is a North American painter of imaginative realism, whose art explores the mysterious journey of the soul, exploring themes of ecstasy, initiation and metamorphosis. Taking a deeply personal approach, he builds on these themes with symbols and motifs from his own dreams, spiritual practices and natural environment. After a decade wandering the globe as a consultant, he rekindled his childhood love of drawing and painting and quickly became obsessed. The confidence gained from learning traditional drawing and painting methods unlocked the door to his imagination, catalysing a total reorientation in life. He recently completed a three year course in imaginative realism under Tenaya Sims at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, Washington. He currently resides in Central Florida where he continues to develop his portfolio. 

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

The protagonists of Theo Polymorphos’ paintings navigate otherworlds brimming with life and symbol. There they are enriched and transformed through encounters with the more than human—from plants and animals to elements and luminaries. In these visual stories, spirits of many shapes instruct us to follow our light, don new masks, and blossom from the depths of our being. Through successive metamorphoses we delve deep into the mysteries of life and death, of polymorphic identity, and beauty born from pain.

Theo’s work takes inspiration from ancient myths and folktales, psychology and spirituality, and Nature herself. He is especially fascinated by ancient Orphism and Greek mystery religions, as well as the ecstatic art and philosophy of the Romantic and Symbolist movements. He enjoys playing at the liminal space between convincing naturalism and dreamy idealism, creating a numinous quality in his work.


Theo Polymorphos’ paintings have been featured in notable magazine and online sources including Art Renewal Center, International Realism, 16th International ARC Salon.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Solo exhibition: Elysian Fields: Myth Making
with Theo Polymorphos
Dama Gallery, Artsy
Los Angeles, USA
Group exhibition: “Bureau of Queer Art
Volume 4: Pink Tide”
Dama Gallery
Ventura, CA. USA
Solo exhibition: “Lux in Profundis”Fifth Avenue Gallery
Melbourne, FL. USA



2022 Imaginative Realism, Georgetown Atelier, Seattle, WA, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Nude Nite: FORM, Group exhibition, Orlando, FL. United States 

100% Pure Florida, Fifth Avenue Gallery, Melbourne, FL. United States

Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, WA. United States


A Generous Kingdom VIII, Verum Ultimum Gallery,, Portland, OR. United States

44th Annual National Juried Art Show, Arts Council of Wayne County, Goldsboro, NC. Unite States

Almenara Art Prize Online Exhibition, Almenara Collection, Córdoba, Spain 

Nude Nite, Orlando, FL. United States

Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, WA. United States


Annual Graduation Show, Georgetown Atelier, Seattle, WA 

Best of Gage, Gage Academy, Seattle, WA. United States

Unmasked, Figure | Ground Gallery, Seattle, WA. United States

Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, WA. United States

Theo Polymorphos - Figurative Painting -11
Theo Polymorphos - Figurative Painting -8
Theo Polymorphos - Figurative Painting -9
Theo Polymorphos - Figurative Painting -3

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