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About the artist

Brian Hoang was born in Vietnam a few years after the war ended. Two years later, together with his parents they left the country and spent about 6 months in a refugee camp before relocating to Canada. When he was a young kid, his dad would often pose his action figures and draw them for him. Seeing how his dad was able to take a real-life object and turn it into a drawing was inspiring. Seeing how Brian was able to take a real-life object and turn it into a drawing was inspiring. Once he discovered comic books in grade 6, art became something Brian wanted to do for a living when he grew up.

Brian eventually got into and graduated from the Interpretive Illustration program at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON just 30 minutes outside Toronto. 

After years of working a day job while only doing art on the side, He went full-time into art in 2014 with the help of his wife, an artist herself whom he met in college. While his earlier work was inspired by the pop culture media he consumed, in 2019, Brian found himself on a journey to reconnect with his roots and it has since become the primary subject matter of his art.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Brian Hoang’s work mainly focuses on Vietnamese culture. He depicts everything from Vietnamese historical figures to mythological fantasy creatures to just simple street scenes in Vietnam itself, often with a fun twist. One subject matter that he have occasionally touched upon but don’t do so very often is the war. Understandably, this subject is one of the first to come up when mentioning Vietnam but there is so much more to the country’s history and Brian wants to share more of those stories through his art.


Brian Hoang’s illustrations has been featured in notable magazines and online sources including The Globe and Mail, The Saigoneer, Diacritics, Canvas Rebel, The Vietnamese Boat People.




3 years of Interpretive Illustration, Sheridan College in Oakville, ON. Canada


1 year of Art Fundamentals, Sheridan College in Oakville, ON. Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions


Walking in Layers, Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance, New York, United States


Coming Home, Asian Garden Mall, Westminster, United States


AAPI Group Show, Ewkuks Gallery, Los Angeles, United States


The Rock Show, Queen Street Gallery, Toronto, Canada


MythoZoology, Steam Whistle Brewery Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Brian Hoang - Figurative Painting - 9
Brian Hoang - Animal Painting - 3
Brian Hoang - Animal Painting - 2
Brian Hoang - Figurative Painting - 10

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