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Female Sexuality
Nature (Flora, Fauna)
Anatomy (Skeletons)
Mythology (Goddesses, strong/wild Women)

About the artist

Born on 22nd of December 1985 in Alfeld / Leine, Germany, Jasmina Kirsch made a pivotal move to the Netherlands in 2004. There, she ventured into different occupations to support her studies, completed her tattoo artist apprenticeship, and pursued a fine arts degree from 2006 to 2010.

Since then, Jasmina’s artistic journey has taken her across Europe, exhibiting her works in various countries and even gracing galleries in iconic cities like NYC and LA in the US. In 2012, she settled in Berlin, Germany, where she now resides and creates from the vibrant multicultural district of Neukölln.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Life, for Jasmina Kirsch, is an ongoing flirtation with death, culminating in consumption. 

From childhood, she’s been captivated by traditional relationship dynamics and the complex, paradoxical nature of the human psyche. Her art delves deep into themes of transience, female sexuality, relationships, and primal emotions.

Through her meticulous practice, subtle forms undergo transformative journeys, leaving viewers with profound reflections on the limitations of the physical body and the boundless realms of the metaphysical. Jasmina’s exploration of femininity in her paintings and drawings is nuanced, often referencing fugaciousness and mortality through symbols like skeletons.

Driven by an inner compulsion to express instinctive desires and emotions, Jasmina’s work is a testament to the immortality of the soul, manifesting as elements of nature, demons, or goddesses recurring throughout her pieces. In her photography, she captures life’s bewildering and rough beauty, reflecting her own raw experiences.


Jasmina Kirsch’s works have been published in notable magazines and online sources including Curatedbygirls, BK-informatie, Contemporary art of excellence 2.



2020 IHK degree graphic-design & photography

2010, Bachelor of Fine Arts, AKV St. Joost, ACADEMY FOR FINE ARTS; Den Bosch, Netherlands.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Drop Dead Gorgeous, Derde Wal, Njimegen, Netherlands


Exposure Intimacy and the Beauty of Death, Zonder Titel, Den Bosch, Netherlands

There’s No Sex In Your Violence, Zonder Titel, Den Bosch, Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions


The Coaster Show, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. United States


The Story Of The Creative, Angel Oresanz Foundation For Contemporary Art, New York, NY. United States


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