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Inner Contemplation
Balancing Conflict

About the artist

In 1998, Randy Gaul joined Industrial Light & Magic as a concept designer. Prior to joining ILM, he worked for seven years as a freelance storyboard and concept artist for such companies as Wild Brain, MTV and Disney. Since joining ILM, Gaul has lent his visual eye and creative hands to such studio productions as Despicable Me, Rio, Madagascar 3, Penguins of Madagascar, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Star Wars: Episode II “Attack of the Clones.” Madagascar 3, Polar Express, Trolls, Space Jam 2 and many more. Randy is now the creative director at Luminous Blue Ltd where he is responsible for all visual materials for many original animation properties. Randy’s personal work is sold to collectors interested in new visions.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Randy Gaul is deeply interested in the mind’s eye and the multiple ways of expressing what our eyes see and how our brains interpret that. Our interactions with the natural world and man-made one can often led to creative expression which acknowledges each and the inherent tensions between them. He explores that through portraits, landscapes and sculptures. 


Randy Gaul’s illustrations had been featured in notable magazines, publications, and online sources including Art of Books, Art of Rio, Art of War of the Worlds, Art of Polar Express, Art of Monster House, Art of Beowulf, Art of Christmas Carol, Art Station, Concept Art World, O’hanlon Center, Painting with Pixels, Long Island Newsday, and Marin Independent Journal



Pratt Institute BFA

Selected Group Exhibitions


Rhythms of the Earth, Mill Valley Community Center, Mill Valley, United States


Painting with Pixels, O’hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, United States

Local Artist Show, Fairfax Art Walk. Fairfax, United States

Randy Gaul - Landscape Digital Art - 3
Randy Gaul - Landscape Digital Art - 1
Randy Gaul - Landscape Digital Art - 5
Randy Gaul - Landscape Digital Art - 6

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