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Still life
Animal rights
Climate change
Divine feminine
Ecological Revolution

About the artist

Dawn Smith is an artist hailing from Detroit who is embarked on her creative journey as a tattooist, refining her craft from a tender age and cultivating a prosperous career spanning two decades. Graduating with honours from the College for Creative Studies in 2011, she delved deeper into the realm of fine arts and fell in love with oil painting.

Presently, Dawn not only owns a tattoo studio where she nurtures budding talents but also fosters her own artistic vision at H.A.T.C.H art collective, crafting an ethereal realm within her surrealist paintings. Her artistic prowess extends far and wide, with exhibitions spanning local and national venues, and her recent feature in the May Issue of Art Seen Magazine.

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Dawn advocates fervently for animal rights, gender equality, and the LGBTQA community. Personally, she has rescued numerous animals and currently shares her home with three dogs and three cats, a testament to her profound love and connection to the natural world, a theme that echoes throughout her work.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Dawn Smith’s art serves as a celebration of the divine feminine, manifesting in surrealistic and symbolic compositions. Often, her pieces incorporate disembodied parts of feminine figures intertwined with animals, skillfully subverting the male gaze while accentuating the profound connection between humanity and the natural world.

Her creations, seemingly born of a mystical process, hold a captivating allure, enchanting viewers akin to spells cast upon the soul. In her own words, “I think of my work as overly indulgent eye candy, tainted by the filth of classism and the mesmerizing effect of the media. I often feel like I’m documenting collective grief. The elements are all swirling around inside my brain like a snail shell, the galaxy, DNA, and the golden ratio.”



2011 College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI. BFA 

2014 Wayne State University, Social Work Program 

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Psycho Social, Dab Art Co., Online. 

Dawn Smith Art, Red Bluff Gallery, Red Bluff, CA. United States (Online)


Clown Baby, Café 1923, Hamtramck, MI. United States


Just Because, U245 Gallery, Detroit, MI. United States

A Malformed Heart, U245 Gallery, Detroit, MI. United States

Current Affair, Detroit Brewing Company, Detroit MI. United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Divine Wisdom, Voyeur Ventures, Detroit, MI. United States

Off The Skin, Hatch Gallery, Hamtramck, MI. United States


COMM[UNITY ]II, Playground Detroit Gallery, Detroit, MI. United States

TNBT2023, Studio Channel Islands Gallery, Camarillo, CA. United States

Human Figure, Momento Mori Gallery, Lakewood, CO. United States


Women in Art, Las Laguna Art Gallery, Las Laguna, CA. United States

Dangerous Lullabies VIII, J + K Isacson arts at the Dole Masion, Crystal Lake, IL. United States

Bees and Biomimicry, Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit, Detroit, MI. United States


Women in Art, Las Laguna Art Gallery, Las Laguna Beach, CA. United States

Tropical, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. United States

Resilience, Kayrod Gallery, Detroit, MI. United States


Women, 22 North Gallery, Ypsilanti, MI. United States

Dawn Smith - Still life Painting - 2
Dawn Smith - Figurative Painting - 1
Dawn Smith - Still life Painting - 4
Dawn Smith - Animal Painting - 1

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