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About the artist

Aidonas is a french artist. Since childhood, she traveled a lot and lived in different countries due to her father’s work. She grew up in different cultures and got exposed to various folk lore. Aidonas developed a sensitivity to the different and uncommon. When she was young, she used to read a lot about mythologies, vampires, faeries, etc. and all that is related to magic. Aidonas ended up developing her own world in which mysticism and mythology coexist in her. She was passionate about drawing from a young age, She used to draw all the time, and everywhere.

In time, Aidonas became an architect and worked in Paris. She wasn’t very happy about the path she chose, as she secretly wanted to become an artist since her youngest age. So, two years ago she decided to become what she truly wanted to be. She truly believes things happen for a reason. Now, Aidonas is a Parisian illustrator and works freelance.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Aidonas creates universes inspired by mythology, mysticism and esotericism.

Nature also plays an important place in her world as well as in her creative process. She constantly looking for new subjects to study and represent. Poetry, literature and music nourish her spirit, and the Moon is her Muse. Aidonas create using different techniques, charcoal, white chalk, graphite and digital drawing. 

My drawings come from my imagination and I also create portraits on demand, whose inspiration is drawn mainly from myths and legends”.

She usually draws scenes from mythologies or poetry she read. Aidonas chooses carefully what character she creates; we share few common points in general. So, at the end, her creatures, deities etc are a reflection of a part of her. She believes we should all embrace our dark side and that will create balance in our inner world.


Aidonas illustrations has been featured in The Holy Art Magazine.

Upcoming Exhibitions

WhenExhibition nameGallery
June 20 –
4th Jully
Group exhibition: “Anima Mundi”ITSLIQUID
Venice, Italy
Group exhibition: “ART on Loop”The Holy Art Gallery
To be announcedArt Number 23
Tokyo, Japan



2010 Graduated in interior design, MJM Graphic Design School, in Paris, France

Selected Group Exhibitions


Virtual Exhibition, Marvelous Art Group

Kaleidoscope of Art, The Holy Art Gallery, Paris

Art On Loop, The Holy Art Gallery, London

Art On Loop, The Holy Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

Etheral, The Holy Art Gallery, London

Aidonas - Figurative Digital Art - 12
Aidonas - Figurative Digital Art - 5
Aidonas - Figurative Digital Art - 1
Aidonas - Figurative Digital Art - 2

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