ArtistNoah NorridResidesDenmark
Gallery Det er Kunsten
Tisvildelej, Denmark

Quirky Fox Gallery
Hawera, New Zealand

ThemesAnimal Fables
Natural History
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About the artist

Noah Norrid is a self-taught artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having been an English and Design teacher for more than 20 years, Noah started his professional art career when he co-authored and illustrated two children’s books with his wife, Helle: Jordan Kalder Anton-Emil! (Earth Calling Anton-Emil!) and Tør Du, Anton-Emil? (Do You Dare, Anton-Emil?)  Noah always had an interest in art and has dabbled in print-making, drawing, silk-screen, ceramics, sculpture, wood-working, and stop-motion film-making  However, it was his first love of watercolor that he returned to time and again over the years.  

Noah’s current body of work is the culmination of both his extensive interests in natural history, literature, mythological and religious symbolism as well as his near pathological interest in painting with watercolor and obsessing about details.  Particularly the details that bring his subjects to life.   

Noah Norrid’s work has been featured in trade magazines, children’s books, and some of his very earliest watercolor concepts were purchased and developed by Grimm’s Hotels of Berlin and Munich. (The Frog King).

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Inspired by the illustrations of natural history and infused with surrealism’s familiar juxtapositions, Noah Norrid’s work features visual narratives that tell compelling and sometimes whimsical tales of human and universal scope.    In nearly all of his highly detailed works there lies some minute artifice of the human world that introduces tensions, conflicts, or ambiguities into the unfolding dramas that, at first, might appear slight or ornamental; yet on further study, become intricate works filled with symbolism and vibrancy.  His work resembles surrealistic illustrations that belong to some lost volume of animal fables that might explore the reaches of the human imagination in mythic and spiritual terms.   

And still, as with animal fables, his work is light, humorous, and visually captivating.


Noah Norrid’s work has been shown in notable magazine and online sources like Beautiful Bizarre magazine, Alle Art Fair, Art Nordic Art Fair.



2001: B.A. English Composition and Literature, University of North Texas, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


POP-UP, Gallery Det er Kunsten, Bredegade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Spring Show, Gallery Det er Kunsten, Tisvildeleje, Denmark


Novo Nordisk Art Association Christmas Show, Gallery KBHKUNST, Copenhagen, Denmark

Summer Show, Gallery Det er Kunsten, Tisvildeleje, Denmark


Spring Show, Gallery Det er Kunsten, Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Spring Show, KBHKUNST, Copenhagen, Denmark

Noah Adam Norrid - Bird Painting - 5
Noah Adam Norrid - Bird Painting - 4
Noah Adam Norrid - Bird Painting - 3
Noah Adam Norrid - Bird Painting - 9

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