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Gold Leaf
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Divine feminine

About the artist

Jill Feenstra is a self taught American artist from the Pacific Northwest, who works primarily in acrylic and gold leaf on wood panels. A lifelong artist who completed her Bachelor’s degree in archaeology, she spent time working in a local museum, and Art Center.  

Nestled in the countryside, on a little farm, Jill spends time perfecting her skills and artistic process.

Jill Feenstra recently left her position as a microbiology technician in order to pursue her professional art career full time.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Expressed figuratively, through intimate portraiture, Jill Feenstra’s subject matter relies heavily on themes of liminal emotional spaces, in relation to heartbreak, loss and reckoning. Transformation through tragedy, kindness in the face of destruction, and the strength of tenderness.  She tries to relate the allure of sadness, the kind of heartbreak that changes a person.  

Working with many thin layers of acrylic, she is able to create luminous skin tones, paired with vibrant hues and gold leaf, something special is created.  

From the beginning of a piece to the completion, so many emotions and ideas come and go during the process, over the many hours it takes to create the concepts change and evolve, therefore the ending is always a surprise.

Jill Feenstra - Figurative Painting - 16
Jill Feenstra - Figurative Painting - 2
Jill Feenstra - Figurative Painting - 14
Jill Feenstra - Figurative Painting - 1

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