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Metamorphosis Gallery
Willetton, WA. Australia
ThemesDivine feminine
Magical realism
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About the artist

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi was born in the Czech Republic in 1957 and from childhood developed a keen interest in art, sport and nature. After finishing five years training as an Interior Designer, she escaped communist Czech Republic in 1981 and arrived in Perth penniless but ready to work and create my own destiny. She was struck by the freedom of life and immediately set about the process of acquiring as much knowledge about art as possible. Receiving tuition in private studios of various artists and at technical college, she gained a variety of skills.

In 1984 Jana held her first solo exhibition followed by many others. Her creativity flowed from there back into interior design, and from 1989 to 2001 she ran ‘Jana’s Interiors’, which specialized in decorative work, murals, trompe l’oeils, stone and marble finishes in some of the most prestigious residential and commercial buildings in Perth, Singapore and Europe, Working with the best designers in Western Australia.

In 2001 Jana stepped off the ladder/scaffold and have since opened my studio in Perth, Western Australia, to concentrate on her own art practice. She also established very successful art classes, teaching in the mediums of oil, acrylics, pastels, charcoal and pencil. In 2010 she opened Metamorphosis Art Gallery/Studio to work and display her and other artists’ work. For ten years she ran Jana’s Art Tours, taking her students around the globe to paint and experience different cultures. 

Jana is a member of the West Australian Portrait group, West Australian Society of Art and for eleven years she was running Contemporary Australian Surrealists Movement. 

Her work can be divided into three categories: Magical realism, classical portraiture and landscapes. In recent years my time is devoted more and more to Magical realism.

“The ideas for Magical realism have been growing subconsciously in my mind for many years. In fact my first art attempts in my teens and early twenties were going in a similar direction. The fear of not being accepted and the fight for survival put them into my subconscious mind. Instead, and perhaps for good reason, I developed my technical skills in drawing and painting which are seen in my representational work: landscapes and classical portraiture”.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

The elements for Jana Vodesil-Baruffi’s magical realism paintings are based on reality, but the way they blend and interact together comes from her imagination. She loves to use the human body and nature combined. Their shapes and colours, combined with symbolism help her to lead the viewer into a world of fantasy, charged with emotions.

In the contemporary and classical portraiture, she tries to capture people in the moment – as they really are. The fascination with faces, their expressions and that which is invisible, the character of the person is hard to let go off.

Landscapes are inspired by the beautiful places she has visited during her travels. Many of them are painted with palette knives in realistic or impressionistic style. 


Jana Vodesil-Baruffi’s artworks have been featured in notable books including Through the Artists’ Eyes: The Lester Prize – The Black Swan Years, Artists of Perth, Extra.ordinary. Business Women, Colour in Your Life, Permanent Impressions and magazines including Home and Garden, The Building and Design Yearbook, The Finishing Touch, and The West Australian Newspaper, and many of my articles on the subject of decorative art have been published. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

2025Solo exhibition: ‘To be announced’Metamorphosis Gallery
Willetton, WA. Australia



1978 Interior Designer, Prague, Czech Republic



Finalist Lethbridge 20000


Finalist, Lester Prize

1st & 2nd place in American Art Awards in Portraiture

5th place in American Art Awards in Landscape


Finalist, Darling Portrait, National Portrait Gallery


Finalist, Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award

5t Place in American Art Awards in Portraiture and Landscape 

4t Place in American Art Awards in Fantasy and Religious art


Semi-finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

Finalist, Liberty Liquors Portrait Prize


Winner of Black Swan Prize for Portraiture

Winner of Paintings for a Cause Calendar Competition

Finalist, Pro Hart Outback Art Prize

Finalist, RSASA/SALA Portrait Prize


Finalist, Paintings for a Cause Calendar Competition


Winner, City of Melville Art Award


Most Creative Award, Belmont Business Enterprise Centre


Finalist, Black Swan Prize for Portraiture


Winner, The City of Canning Art Award


People’s Choice, Black Swan Prize for Portraiture

Finalist, The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award


Winner, City of Melville Art Award

First Prize Pastel and overall winner, Bicentennial Art Exhibition in York

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Half the Sky, Metamorphosis Gallery, Western Australia


Permanent Impressions, Perth-Central Park and 10 regional towns of Western Australia, Australia


One artist, one day, one year, The West Australian Club, Western Australia, Australia


Canning College Computing Centre, Western Australia, Australia


Love affair with Italy, Italian Club, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Selected Group Exhibitions


West Australian Art Society annual exhibition 

Visceral Pleasures, Metamorphosis Gallery, Perth, Western Australia


Black & White, Metamorphosis Gallery, Perth, Western Australia

In and Out of our Minds, Metamorphosis Gallery, Perth, Western Australia


West Australian Art Society annual exhibition 


Mindscapes, Moores Building Art Gallery, Western Australia


Mindscapes, CASM, Gomboc Art Gallery, Western Australia 


Mindscapes, CASM, Moores Building Art Gallery, Western Australia

Skin Deep, WAPA, Moores Building Art Gallery, Western Australia

Cambridge Studio Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Royal Perth Golf Club, South Perth, Western Australia, 


Kidogo Art House, Fremantle, Western Australia,

Jana Vodesil Baruffi - Figurative Painting - 11
Jana Vodesil Baruffi - Figurative Painting - 5
Jana Vodesil Baruffi - Figurative Painting - 7
Jana Vodesil Baruffi - Figurative Painting - 12

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