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ArtistRyu EnteiResidesJapan
Mystical Creatures
Emotion and Expression
Oil paint
Mineral pigment
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About the artist

Ryu Entei is an artist, sculptor, and conceptual designer for film and games. She earned her graduate degree from the University of Tokyo’s architecture department and spent seven years studying architecture around the world before contributing unique world-building designs to some of the most renowned games and films today.  Life, energy, and nature are perpetual themes in Ryu’s creations. Her artistic style combines the aesthetic beauty of Western classical forms with the sensitivity and powerful dynamics of Eastern ink painting. Whether in the virtual or real world, in three dimensions or on a flat canvas, her style is highly recognizable across various media. Ryu also dabbles in illustration, sculpture, jewelry, and fashion design, honing her core identity as an artist through active artistic pursuits and interdisciplinary experiences. In recent years, she has gradually shifted from digital media to physical art displays, blending traditional painting materials like oil paints and Japanese traditional mineral pigments with 3D printing resin and clay material, showcasing her multifaceted vision and skills to create unique art and sculptures.

Ryu Entei is the 3rd Prize Winner of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award 2023.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Ryu Entei, the versatile artist, explores a rich tapestry of themes. Her work spans fantasy worlds with vibrant culture, mythological tales, and mystical creatures. Nature, often tinged with magic, invites viewers into enchanting realms. Spiritual and ethereal elements evoke introspection. Anime and pop art influences infuse dynamic characters and scenes. Elaborate character designs captivate. Concept art hints at uncharted narratives. Emotion and surreal themes add intrigue. With every stroke, Ryu’s art transcends boundaries, celebrating life, love, fantasy, and endless creativity.


Ryu Entei’s sculptures have been featured in notable magazine, books, and online sources including Spectrum, sketching from the Imagination, The Field Guide to Witches, Sculptors, idN Magazine, CGWORLD Magazine, 80 level, 3D World magazine, and ImageFX Magazine,

Upcoming Exhibition

Group exhibition: “Serendipity”
curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Haven Gallery
Northport, NY. USA



2017 Department of Engineering, Architecture, University of Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions


CHIMERA, Gallery W, Tokyo, Japan


International Competition Tea House of the 21st Century Gallery MUSASHI, Tokyo, Japan

Entei Ryu - Figurative Sculpture - 1
Entei Ryu - Figurative Sculpture - 8
Entei Ryu - Figurative Sculpture - 9
Entei Ryu - Owl Sculpture

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