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Willock & Sax Gallery
Banff, Canada

James Baird Gallery
Pouch Cove, Canada
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Cultural Revolution
Warrior Woman
Ecological Revolution

About the artist

Brandy Saturley is an acclaimed Canadian contemporary pop art style painter and visual storyteller known for her striking and colorful palettes, hard edged style and figurative depictions of Canadian landscapes, cultural icons, wildlife and sports figures.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Brandy Saturley delves into the intricate mosaic of Canadian culture, seamlessly weaving together the diverse threads of landscapes, iconic figures of pop culture, and the vibrant essence of the people. Capturing a visual narrative, a collage born from the culmination of experiences and ideas forged during her deep immersion into the collective consciousness of the places she explores. A myriad of themes, each telling a distinct story – from the sweeping expanse of the Canadian landscape to the powerful presence of warrior women, embodying strength and resilience.

Delving into the themes of feminine rising, her paintings become a visual commentary on social and political nuances, intertwining symbolism and Canadiana with profound grace. Exploring the delicate dance of our interconnectedness with nature, themes of symbiosis and the intricate balance between humanity and the natural world.

There is also introspection, capturing the essence of autobiography and the nostalgia of childhood, blending personal narratives seamlessly into the broader context of the human experience. Inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey, where the strokes on canvas echo the heartbeat of a nation and the universal connections that bind us all.


The Artworks of Brandy Saturley have been featured in numerous publications, websites and blogs including; CBC Arts, Forbes, Our Canada, More Our Canada, Whitehot Magazine NYC, Hart House Review, Okotoks Western Wheel , Whistler Traveller Magazine, Sherwood Park News, Canmore Leader News, Sportsnet, and in many Canadian blogs including AllHabs Magazine, Canadian Art Junkie, Puckstruck,, Independent Sports News, Curry’s Canada, Life As Human, and a Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada. Saturley’s self-published works and portfolio are on file with ARTEXTE in Montreal, and the National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives



2019 – Royal College of Art – Contemporary Art Summer Intensive – London, England UK

2000 – Emily Carr University – Visual Culture, Vancouver BC CANADA

1996 – Camosun College – 2 yr. Associate Diploma in Visual Arts, Victoria BC CANADA

1993 – Victoria Motion Picture School – Diploma in Feature Film Production, Victoria BC CANADA 

Selected Solo Exhibitions


CANADIANISMS: A Half Decade Inspired by Canada“, Okotoks Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada

CANADIANISMS: A Half Decade Inspired by Canada“, Gallery @501, Edmonton, Canada


 “#ICONICCANUCK“, VAAA Gallery, Harcourt House, Edmonton, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions


“Filled with Snow”, Willock & Sax Gallery, Banff, AB. Canada


“Winter Group Show”, Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC. Canada


“What is an Image”, RCA, Longdon, England, United Kingdom


“Society of Canadian Artists 50th International Exhibition”, Papermill Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Brandy Saturley - Bear Painting - 1
Brandy Saturley - Figurative Painting - 2
Brandy Saturley - Figurative Painting - 1
Brandy Saturley - Figurative Painting - 5

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