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About the artist

Garis Edelweiss is a visual artist from the coastal city of Pasuruan, Indonesia. By choosing an anti-gravity style reminiscent of surrealism, Garis explore themes of environmental existence, the relationship between dreams and the living reality, all intertwined with elements of living creatures in their surroundings. Utilizing both manual and digital techniques, he consistently prioritizes intricate details of objects, such as feathers, hair, pores, and other fine strokes. His artistic vision has been greatly influenced by their late father, a local cultural advocate actively promoting the acculturation of coastal cultures, shaping Garis Edelweiss’s unique perspective in each of his works.

Garis Edelweiss is the 1st Prize Winner of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, iCanvas Digital Art Award 2023.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

The art of Garis Edelweiss is a highly personal and intimate manifestation of his observations of the surrounding world. The overarching theme in his works encompasses the harmony between nature and humanity, evident in the exploration of objects in close proximity. Garis embraces the beauty found in small details, such as wildflowers growing nearby, wild plants adorning the land of his residence, and even the birds soaring above their home, depicting a harmonious interaction between nature and human life.

However, beyond mere physical representation, these works bring forth a profound imaginative dimension. Garis creates art by manipulating the reality he witnesses, crafting stories and deep dreams. He invites his audience to share in his creative experience, allowing them to see the world through his rich imagination. Thus, his art becomes a spiritual journey that combines sensitivity to nature, imaginative exploration, and the relationship between humans and the environment.

At the core of his works, Garis builds a bridge between reality and imagination, inviting his audience to contemplate the wonders around him and celebrate the beauty in often overlooked aspects of life.


Garis Edelweiss’ digital arts have been featured in Myartistreal Magazine.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Serendipity”
Curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Haven Gallery
Northport, NY. USA




Best Album Design Graphic, AMI Award 2022

Selected Group Exhibitions


Fiends of The Dark III, Wow x Wow Gallery (online)

Derik, K Gallery Hotel, Pasuruan, Indonesia

Should We Slow Down, Vinautism Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia

Cosmic Elixir, Wow x Wow Gallery (online)

Indo NFT Festiverse, R.J Katamsi Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Dark Art 2021, Beinart Gallery, Brunswick, Australia

Vanguard Group Show, Outre Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Mind asleep, Bodyawake, Myartisreal Gallery (online)


EQUIDISTANT, Tirtodipuran Link, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Roadside Attractions IV, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, California

Monochromagic 3, Wow X Wow (online)


Dark Art 2019, Beinart Gallery, Brunswick, Australia

Art Jakarta 2019, JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia


Keyword Keydraw, Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Biennale Jateng “The Future of History”, Semarang Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia


Light of Hope, Artotel, Surabaya, Indonesia

Garis Edelweiss - Figurative Digital Art - 2
Garis Edelweiss - Figurative Digital Art - 1
Garis Edelweiss - Figurative Digital Art - 4
Garis Edelweiss - Figurative Digital Art - 3

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