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Surreal Art
Human Condition
Ruff Collar
Life and Death

About the artist

Patrizia Vignola is an award-winning fine artist who was born in NY and currently resides in Minnesota. She does not recall a time in her life when she was not desiring to make art.Patrizia earned her MFA from the New York Academy of Art, she uses her academic training and highly developed painting and drawing skills to draw the viewer into her conceptually symbolic and surreal work.

Since graduating from the Academy, Patrizia has consistently balanced the financial need to have full time work and being a mother with creating her art. The opportunity to have lengthy periods of time to solely focus and develop her art practice just did not present itself. Instead, she took whatever time she could find over many years to keep at it and persist. Patrizia noticed reoccurring themes and ideas in her work over those years. However, she feels only in more recent years has she found a “way of working” and her real artistic voice and expression.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Patrizia Vignola’s artistic interests have always been rooted in the human form, more specifically with faces. Although she has strong abilities to capture a likeness, traditional portraiture was never her goal. She strives to portray something deeper, more emotional, and philosophical. Through the eyes of her subjects, she hopes to speak to the viewer on things pertaining to the human condition, consciousness, identity, our connection to each other, the word we inhabit, the universe, and our purpose in it. Although the above themes are a constant, after the birth of her daughter, Patrizia’s work began to focus more on circumstances we are born into. From the time we are conceived others have expectations or assumptions of who we are. We come into the world ignorant of our pre-existing challenges; established socioeconomic standing, a perceived cultural identity, healthy or unhealthy parental relationship, stereotypes, drug addictions, mental illnesses…etc. They shape us as we grow through our formative years and stay with us into adulthood. Her long-time draw to portraits in museums with subjects wearing Elizabethan ruff collars also began to show up in her work. However, “the collars” in Patrizia’s work can be made of unexpected things, blend into a background, become inhabited by something and they can often symbolize these things we “come with” when we are born. Some wear their collars with pride, some struggle their lifetimes to remove them. Patrizia’s work continues to be an exploration of these ideas and serves as a visual commentary of her thoughts on the human experience.

Patrizia Vignola‘s work leaves you with the question…. What is your collar made of or what’s hiding inside it? 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Minnesota State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibit”
Minneapolis, MN. USA
“To be announced”Rogue Buddha Gallery
Minneapolis, MN. USA



1993  MFA in Painting The New York Academy of Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 Ruffed, Staten Island Museum, Staten Island, NY, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Exhibitor, Museum of Contemporary Art   Wausau, WI. United States (Best in Show Award)

Safe Word, The Otherworldly Arts Collective, Jackson Flats Gallery Minneapolis, MN. United States

Unicorn Art Show, The Otherworldly Arts Collective, Jackson Flats Gallery Minneapolis, MN. United States

Art- A- Whirl, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. United States


Exhibitor, Museum of Contemporary Art   Wausau, WI. United States (Second Place and People’s Choice Awards)

The Dark Blue, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. United States


Annual Group Exhibition, AZ Gallery, St.Paul, MN. United States

Patrizia Vignolia - Figurative Painting - 4
Patrizia Vignolia - Figurative Painting - 3
Patrizia Vignolia - Figurative Painting - 2
Patrizia Vignola - Figurative Painting - 1c

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