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Surreal Art
Human Condition
Ruff Collar
Life and Death

About the artist

Patrizia Vignola, a 2D fine artist born in NY currently residing and working in Minnesota, holds an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Specializing in figurative realism, her work transcends traditional portraiture, exploring emotional and philosophical depths. Through symbolic and surreal elements, she delves into the human condition, consciousness, identity, interconnectedness, and purpose.

Patrizia does not recall a time when she was not either painting, drawing, or creating in some way. Since earning her MFA, she has adeptly balanced full-time teaching work, motherhood, and her artistic endeavors. Although extended periods for focused creating was often difficult to come by, she persisted over the years, recognizing recurring themes. More recently, she feels she has discovered her unique “way of working” and authentic artistic voice. She has received numerous grants and awards for her works and participated in group and solo exhibitions nationwide.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Patrizia’s artistic interests have always been rooted in the human form, more specifically with faces. Despite her adeptness at capturing likenesses, her aim extends beyond traditional portraiture. Her goal is to delve into deeper, more emotional, and philosophical dimensions. Through the eyes of her subjects, she speak to the viewer on things pertaining to the human condition, consciousness, identity, our connection to each other, the word we inhabit, the universe, and our purpose in it.

An emphasis on the circumstances and environments into which we are born emerged in her work after the birth of her daughter 18 years ago, and it remains a central theme today. Patrizia explores the impact of pre-existing expectations and assumptions placed on individuals from the moment of conception. We arrive to life ignorant of them and whether they be established socioeconomic standing, a perceived cultural identity, stereotypes, drug addictions, mental illnesses…etc., they shape us as we grow through our formative years and stay with us long into adulthood. Notably, her fascination with 16th and 17th-century portraiture featuring subjects adorned with ruff collars began to manifest in her art during this period. Extensive research into the symbolism of the ruff collar revealed a profound alignment with her artistic vision.

In Patrizia’s work, the collars transcend mere ornamentation for beauty or wealth. They take on unexpected forms, integrate into backgrounds or subjects, and at times, are inhabited or transformed by other elements, serving as a unique point of communication with the viewer. Over time, these collars have evolved into a dominant, recurring symbol of personal significance, organically guiding her work into the realm of Contemporary Surrealism/Imaginative Realism.

Her work is a continuous exploration of these ideas and serves as a visual commentary of her thoughts on the human experience.

Patrizia’s work beckons viewers to ponder…. What is your collar made of? What narrative does it tell? What mysteries might we find hiding inside it?

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “Visage:A Contemporary Portrait Show”Gamut Gallery
Minneapolis, MN. USA
Group exhibition: “Art-A-Whirl”Studio Pintura
Minneapolis, MN. USA



1993  MFA in Painting The New York Academy of Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 Ruffed, Staten Island Museum, Staten Island, NY, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Exhibitor, Museum of Contemporary Art   Wausau, WI. United States (Best in Show Award)

Safe Word, The Otherworldly Arts Collective, Jackson Flats Gallery Minneapolis, MN. United States

Unicorn Art Show, The Otherworldly Arts Collective, Jackson Flats Gallery Minneapolis, MN. United States

Art- A- Whirl, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. United States

Raging Art On, Invitational Exhibition, Gamut Gallery. Minneapolis, MN. United States

Fine Arts Exhibition, Minnesota State Fair, Minneapolis, MN. United States


Exhibitor, Museum of Contemporary Art   Wausau, WI. United States (Second Place and People’s Choice Awards)

The Dark Blue, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. United States


Annual Group Exhibition, AZ Gallery, St.Paul, MN. United States

Patrizia Vignolia - Figurative Painting - 4
Patrizia Vignolia - Figurative Painting - 3
Patrizia Vignolia - Figurative Painting - 2
Patrizia Vignola - Figurative Painting - 1c

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