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Magical Realism
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About the artist

An artist of multiple disciplines living in Scotland, Noar Lee Naggan has worked in animation, graphic design, web design, and illustration. Chiefly interested in telling stories through his art, Noar aspires to one day write his own books and illustrate them. Nowadays Noar has also started moving towards the world of fine art painting/drawing.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Grimm fairytales, Jewish folklore and mysticism, tarot cards magic, scary old nursery rhymes, all are themes that pop up in Noar’s work, time and again. Noar Lee Naggan was born in Israel and discovered Jan Van Eyck’s work there, and then, moving to America, he fell in love with the magical realism of Grant Wood. These two had the strongest influence on his work. Inspired by nature and motivated by music, Noar tends to be drawn to fine details and rustic textures, and quite obsessed with digging up images from the underground labyrinth of his childhood fears/dreams.


Noar Lee Naggan has illustrated two picture books for Penguin Random House/Nancy Paulsen Books, New York:

The Storyteller, by Lindsay Bonilla, published March 2024

Lilah Tov Good Night, by Ben Gundersheimer, published February 2020



2000 Diploma 4 years of animation studies, Bezalel academy of art, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions


My Room, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel


The Original Art, Society Of Illustrators, New York, United States


Time Tunnel, Collective Online Gallery, Israel

Noar Lee Naggan - Figurative Drawing - 14
Noar Lee Naggan - Figurative Drawing - 10
Noar Lee Naggan - Figurative Drawing - 13
Noar Lee Naggan - Figurative Painting -18

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