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Ecological Revolution
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About the artist

Carmit Haller is a visual communications designer, and the owner of Carmit Design Studio. For the past two decades she has been working as a lead graphic designer in the fields of consumer market, high-tech startups and luxury real estate. Her passion lies in poster design and typography. Carmit Haller is the recipient of worldwide prestigious awards such as Graphis and Rockport Publishing. Originally from Israel, Carmit holds a BA in Social Work from Tel Aviv University, and a BFA in New Media from The Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Carmit Haller’s works mainly focus on women’s beauty, mystery, ecological evolution and cultural themes. She addresses cultural, social and political topics in a strong and thought-provoking view.


Carmit Haller’s works have been published in notable magazine and book publication at Graphis Publishing.



2001 bachelor’s in fine arts, Computers/New Media, Academy of Art University (AAU), San Francisco, California, United States

1995 BA in Social Work, ​​​​​​​Tel Aviv University



Platinum award for Fixed Series, Graphis Publishing

Gold award for Help Ukraine, Graphis Publishing


Platinum awards for What Unites Us; and Macbeth, Graphis Publishing 

Gold awards for Fixed; Tolerance; and Intertwined, Graphis Publishing 

Platinum award for What Unites Us, Graphis Publishing 

Gold awards for Macbeth; Tolerance; and BirthDeath, Graphis Publishing


Gold awards for Self-Sustained Evolution; Stop Human Trafficking; and Ignorance, Graphis Publishing 

 Platinum award for What’s Off

Gold awards for Sometimes, Cigar is just a Cigar

Silver awards for Tangent Points; Stop Human Trafficking; and Pandemic Politics, Graphis Publishing 


Platinum award for Self-Sustained Evolution

Gold awards for Othello; and Den Lille Havfrue, Graphis Publishing


 Platinum award for Salome

Gold awards for Coppelia, Graphis Publishing


Gold awards for Hamlet; and Macbeth, Graphis Publishing

Selected Group Exhibitions


What Unites Us; Help Ukraine; Macbeth, USIBP first edition of the United States International Poster Biennial/ International worldwide exhibition

 Dynamics, invitation for International Dynamic Poster Exhibition, CEIDA. Digital Hefei, China

Between Creativity and Individuality, GDA International Invitation Exhibition, Huanggang Normal University. Hubei, China

Chinese Silk Culture, Invitation for International, Silk Culture Poster Design Exhibition, CEIDA. The China Silk Museum, China

Help Ukraine, Graphis Around-the-world exhibition—”Designers for Peace,” Seoul, Korea.


Help Ukraine, Graphis Around-the-world exhibition—”Designers for Peace,” World Premiere at San Diego, United States

“Tolerance.” The Tolerance Travelling Poster Show, Columbus College of Art & Design, Ohio, USA. MOME University, Budapest, Hungary. New York Times Square, NYC, NY, United States

 What Unites Us, What Unites Us 2 & 3 Online Exhibition.


Salome, Graphis Group Show. San Antonio, Texas, United States

Carmit Haller - Figurative Digital Art - 2
Carmit Haller - Figurative Digital Art - 4
Carmit Haller - Figurative Digital Art - 3
Carmit Haller - Figurative Digital Art - 1

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