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Simie Maryles Gallery
Provincetown, MA. USA
Plus One Gallery
London, UK
ThemesStill Life
Flora & Fauna
Contemporary Fine Art
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About the artist

Lorena Kloosterboer is a Dutch Argentine artist (born in the Netherlands, 1962) painting contemporary realist and hyperrealist Still Lifes. She seeks to capture the fascinating interactions between colours, light, shadows, textures and reflections, and unite them in visual poetry.

Highly inspired by the still lifes of the Dutch Golden Age, Lorena Kloosterboer depicts a variety of subject matter striving for an elegant, timeless yet contemporary look. Over time she has adapted classical skill-based methods to suit painting in acrylics.

Her paintings are based on symbolism which convey her thoughts about life through metaphors and symbolic meaning universally ascribed to her subject matter. This symbolism—representing higher ideals, such as wisdom, awareness, and growth—may not be immediately obvious, yet she believes these messages reach the consciousness of those open to them.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Lorena Kloosterboer paints Still Lifes accompanied by flora and fauna. Her compositions look convincingly tangible, even though they don’t exist in real life as such. The paintings she’s best known for are her Still Lifes with birds in a series entitled Tempus ad Requiem which means ‘Time to Rest’ in Latin. The series of Still Lifes with non-feathered animals is called Tempus Memores which means ‘Time to Remember’ in Latin.

Another series, Virtus Aquae—’The Power of Water’ in Latin—she describes as ‘still lifes in motion’ depicting scenarios in which a kingfisher scoops its meal out of a decorative bowl, dramatically trailing a sparkling splash of water. Her latest series Tempus Amoris—which means ‘Time to Love’—is inspired by the porcelain apples made by the Royal Blue Collection ® created in traditional Delft craftmanship.


Lorena Kloosterboer’s artwork has been published in US and international art magazines, including International Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, Southwest Art, The Artist Magazine, PoetsArtists Magazine, and Artists & Illustrators. Museum catalogues include The Reality of Things: Trompe l’Oeil in America published by the Vero Beach Museum of Art, the museum catalogue We Are Food published by Museum Jan Cunen, Galería Artelibre’s catalogue entitled 20 años en 20×20, and three MEAM catalogues which are Women Painting All over the World, Painting Today / Pintando Hoy, and MÍMESIS, published by the European Museum of Modern Art. Lorena Kloosterboer’s book Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide was first published worldwide in American English in 2014 and has since appeared in British English, Dutch, and Spanish under different titles and covers.



Lorena Kloosterboer studied at an art academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but considers herself self-taught..

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Dutch Symbolism made Modern, Simie Maryles Gallery, Provincetown, MA. United States


Dutch Symbolism made Modern, Simie Maryles Gallery, Provincetown, MA. United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Christmas Group Show, Plus One Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Mímesis, European Museum of Modern Art, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

Coronation Group Show, Plus One Gallery in London, United Kingdom


Women Painting All over the World, European Museum of Modern Art, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

Great Masters of International Realism in 20×20, Einaudi Palace, Chivasso, Italy


World of Interiors, Byard Art, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Bones, Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK. United States


Painting Today / Pintando Hoy, European Museum of Modern Art, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

Food for Thought: Small Works Exhibition, Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY. United States

Galería Artelibre’s 20 años en 20×20, Palacio Bantierra, Zaragoza, Spain


WTF, Sirona Fine Art at Art Palm Beach International, Palm Beach, CA. United States

We Are Food, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, the Netherlands

28th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO. United States


Size Doesn’t Matter: Small Works Exhibition, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York, NY. United States

Lorena Kloosterboer - Bird Still Life - 3
Lorena Kloosterboer - Bird Still Life - 6
Lorena Kloosterboer - Cat Still Life - 1
Lorena Kloosterboer - Bird Still Life - 4

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