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Figurative Art
Contemporary Surrealism
Mental Health Awareness

About the artist

Chichetam Okoronta (b.1997) is a self-taught visual artist living in Owerri, Nigeria. 

He creates realistic figurative artworks that explore his thoughts and views on the beauty of the mind and how it defines every aspect of our experience with life as it relates to mental health awareness and self-discovery. 

He spends hours which can span many days building up shades with primarily charcoal and graphite pencils, though he intends to explore other mediums during the course of his practice. 

Chichetam draws a lot of inspiration from surrealism which he marries with a hyperrealism approach by juxtaposing irrational objects with human figures.

Chichetam Okoronta won the overall prize award at the 2020-2021 Life in my City art Exhibition/Competition and voted as Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize People’s Choice Award 2023.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

The Human mind is said to be an adaptive system that is responsible for thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. It receives information from its internal and external environment and transforms it into our experiences with ourselves, relationships with people, and our environment in general. Chichetam Okoronta’s artwork captures the various ways this information gathered by the mind shapes our life experiences and defines us.

In conveying his ideas, he juxtaposes irrational objects with human figures thus marrying hyperrealism with surrealism which speaks of mental health awareness and the beauty of Self-discovery.


Chichetam Okoronta’s drawings has been featured in notable magazine and online sources including Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, This Day Live, and NewsBitsNG.


Selected Group Exhibitions


Dak’Art Biennale OFF Exhibition“, Daniel Sorano Gallery, Dakar, Senegal


Vision 2020, So far, so what“, Life In My City Art Initiative, Enugu, Nigeria

Chichetam Okoronta - Figurative Drawing - 5
Chichetam Okoronta - Figurative Drawing - 2
Chichetam Okoronta - Figurative Drawing - 11
Chichetam Okoronta - Figurative Drawing - 8

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