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About the artist

Nico Pearleyes is a French artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in the Paris area. He started painting during the lockdown in 2020, feeling he had many things to express. Nico has lived several times in South-Korea, a country that influenced his art practice and themes. He is also interested in languages. Besides his mother tongue and English, he speak Swedish and Korean and taught himself German and Russian.

One of Nico’s interests is how languages and cultures create meaning. And how in turn meaning creates the worlds we inhabit. What different languages, by formulating reality in their own ways, open up different spaces within us and allow us to experience life consciously.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

In his painting practice, Nico Pearleyes likes exploring new or creative pictorial expressions, drawing inspiration from traditional arts, nature, sci-fi, spirituality, and fantasy to form a visual language that creates a certain meaning about what he paint.

This meaning is often occult as shapes, light, textures and colors don’t have a “literal” meaning like words. The landscapes and worlds that come out of these paintings create an atmosphere and a style that seem foreign and that we weren’t clearly aware of. He finds this feeling of “unknown meaningfulness” fascinating. Thus, surrealism turned out to be a natural direction for him.

Nico’s work reflects this deep and mystical questioning on the nature of reality and on the relationship between what is unknown (but still exists in our consciousness), what is known, and our power to “reshape” reality by looking at it with new eyes.


Nico Pearleyes’ works have been featured in Orange Book Vol. 1 curated by Artrepreneur.




Graphic Design, Gobelins, Paris, France

Selected Group Exhibitions


Power in Number 7, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA. United States

Artrepreneur, curated by Gallery Equity, New York, NY. United States

Nico Pearleyes - Animal Painting - 1
Nico Pearleyes - Leopard Painting - 1
Nico Pearleyes - Landscape Painting - 1
Nico Pearleyes - Figurative Painting - 4

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