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About the artist

Rocio Villanueva is an Italian-Guatemalan photographer and artist based in Guatemala City. From a very early age artistic expressions have been engraved in her consciousness, through drawing, painting, photography and art appreciation with the help of her great-uncle, who introduced her by chance in this world of art.  

Rocio is self-taught, for the past 6 years she has been creating surrealistic conceptual works. She uses mainly digital photography as her canvas and Photoshop intervention as the tool for her creations. Her creative process begins beyond the computer. It starts with sketches on paper that take shape through elements, time, places and characters. Her images represent parallel and dreamlike worlds that come to life through the play of light and shadow, colour and textures that create a different vision of non-existent places that resemble a painting more than a photography.

Rocio Villanueva has participated in group exhibitions in the cities of Guatemala, San Salvador, Barcelona, Vienna, New York, Rome, Miami and Palm Beach. And solo exhibitions in Guatemala City.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Rocio Villanueva wishes to reveal the invisible, the intimate, to fill voids, to materialise dreams without beginning, without end.  

She wants to present the unconscious; inside the dreamlike world, out of the cold and cruel reality that surrounds it by means of the intervention of digital photography.

Her artistic production does not try to please the outside world. It is only a mirror of my inner self; a place where she can hide and contemplate a better version of reality. Where the ghosts of time already lived and the secrets of the future merge in a sacred timeless moment.

Rocio offers a reflection on the fragility of beauty, the pain of loss; the emptiness and vulnerability of her inner self, to allow a deep dialogue with the spirit of those who experience her art, trying to be revealing and healing at the same time.

She tries to create images that represent psychological experiences that arise sporadically and unconsciously (without having tangible or scientific knowledge of them) that are born in her mind. They appear from the innocence with which she approaches a subject that concerns her but that flows without a planned guide.  

Often taken at random to arrive at the theme of the idea of the work, which becomes the path of its development.


Selected Solo Exhibitions


Your Life in Me, Rocio Villanueva Art Gallery & Studio, Guatemala, Guatemala

The Mutants of Attachments, Rocio Villanueva Art Gallery & Studio, Guatemala, Guatemala

The Mutants of Attachments, Rafael Rodriguez Padilla School of Plastic Arts, Guatemala, Guatemala

Selected Group Exhibitions


Fotonostrum Sideshow, Galería Fotonostrum, Barcelona, España

Sumarte de El Salvador, Subasta de Arte, San Salvador, El Salvador

Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala, Guatemala

Firenze Contemporary, Armando Xhomo Gallery, Firenze, Italia


Momentos, Convento Santo Domingo, Guatemala, Guatemala

Sumarte de El Salvador, Subasta de Arte, San Salvador, El Salvador

Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala, Guatemala

Exposition Latinas, Le monde vu par le femmes d’Amerique Latine, Galeria Rivoli 59, Paris, Francia


Arte12, Sol del Rio, Guatemala, Guatemala

Exposure, See-Me, Scope, Miami, United States

Re-Visiones III, Sol del Rio, Guatemala, Guatemala

Dependencia InDependencia, Sol del Rio, Guatemala, Guatemala

Juannio, Museo de arte moderno, Guatemala, Guatemala

Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala, Guatemala


Art Saves Humanity Exhibition, See Me, Virtual Exhibition

Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala, Guatemala

See Me “S/he Persisted…”, Virtual Exhibition, New York, N.Y. United States

Salón de invierno, Galería Art Nou Mil-lenni, Barcelona, España


Arte Contemporáneo, Asociación Giovani Omiccoli, Roma, Italia

Momentos, Convento de Santo Domingo, Guatemala, Guatemala

De lo íntimo a lo inconsciente, Arte en Viena, Viena, Austria

Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas-Botran, Guatemala, Guatemala

See Me, The Affordable Air Fair, Metropolitan Pavillion, New York, N.Y. United States

Horizontes, Museo de las Casas Reales, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana


Open Art, Biblioteca Angelica, Roma, Italia

Vibrante, Galleria Monogramma, Roma Italia

8×8 Self Portrait Exhibition, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, United States

Arte en Mayo, Fundación Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala

Reflejos, The Box Gallery, West Palm Beach, United States

Rocio Villanueva - Figurative Photography - 19
Rocio Villanueva - Figurative Photography - 16
Rocio Villanueva - Figurative Photography - 17
Rocio Villanueva - Figurative Photography - 21

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