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About the artist

Jesse Dickson was born in the South of England in 1973, she lived a wild and free childhood amongst the ancient trees of the New Forest and the mermaid strewn beaches of the Dorset coast.

Jesse works primarily with pen and ink, pencil, pastel and sometimes acrylic.

When she’s not drawing Jesse can be found at her jewellery bench working with precious metals as a metalsmith creating her dark fairytale magic for A Wolf and I.

“Creativity is air to me. It’s how I breathe”.

Without the ability to create, she’s simply a ghost. A silent, haunted wisp of breath …voiceless and emotionless.

Her imagination is how she process the world around her, “how I communicate to others and how I see life”.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Jesse Dickson’s work leans into the darker side of nature, storytelling, witchcraft and ancient legends, fascinated by what some would consider macabre.

 Prone to vivid nightmares her whole life, Jesse has learnt to embrace the darkness, see the life cycles as a mere transition of energy from living being, back to the earth… and back again.

‘My aim is not to horrify but to haunt … to inspire you to see nature and life in all its beauty, from the beauty in decay to the many ancient goddesses, monsters, demons, foe folk and dark fairytales that have helped so many cultures throughout history make sense of the unknowable.

We are all connected. We are all just energy, from the animals to the trees, the lichen to the microscopic insects intensely making their way through the tiny space they believe is the universe.

If telling a story takes energy, then surely, the moment that story is spoken, the energy released, its characters exist and are as real as you and me?’


Jesse Dickson’s illustrations have been featured in Witches Magazine.



1996 BA Hons History of Art Degree, Winchester School of Art, United Kingdom

Selected Group Exhibitions


Between the Lines, The House of Smalls, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Jesse Dickson - Figurative Drawing - 1
Jesse Dickson - Figurative Drawing - 2
Jesse Dickson - Figurative Drawing - 4
Jesse Dickson - Figurative Drawing - 3

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